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Happy Tuesday friends!  We’re finally back and over the jet lag (I think), and I’m so excited to share some thoughts, review, recs, and even a vlog from the trip with you guys!  We are so grateful we were able to go; the sunshine + warmth really gave us a much needed reset after being holed up together in our apartment for nearly two months.  The island was simply gorgeous, and the people, so incredibly kind!  The warmth we felt from our friends and the peoplethere reminded me of Italy, we felt like family!

I’ll share a but more on Hawai’i in my next post here, along with where we stayed and some things we learned, but this post is dedicated to the MVPs of my travel gear that made the trip smoother!  These are the products/accessories I was so glad I had for the trip, and will be taking on my next!!


Fitish Bag

This bag came in clutch for this trip!  I love using my YSL Rive Gauche tote for traveling chic, but it can get pretty disorganized super fast with only one pocket inside… Enter this bag (which is probably meant for gym bags) by Fitish… it saved me so much time and energy losing and looking for things!  It’s the prettiest blush nude color with a neat monochrome look, as the label and hardware are a just slightly darker blush nude color.  It has a small bag inside, along with a pocket and some lip product elastic holders.  I found it perfect for storing all my essentials (hand cream, money, comb, essential oil spray, lip balm, passport, eye drops… literally anything I could need on an 18 hour travel day) items and staying organized throughout the trip!  It was easy to take out of my tote to carry to the restroom or to throw in with essentails when headed to the beach.


Guava Mama Mellow Essential Oil Spray

This was gifted to me on the trip and I’ve been using it like 10x a day since… it’s so refreshing & soothing!  I actually feel my body releasing tension when I mist and take in a few deep breaths as the mist settles.  It was perfect for misting on my face during the flights back for a little reset + hydration moment.  The brand is founded by a Hawaiin mom who became a friend on the trip, Kawehi, and I love her heart behind the brand: to encourage other moms & women to take time for self-care.


Captiv8 Portfolio Bag

I shared this handy travel bag on the feed during our trip, but it would be remiss to not include in this roundup!  I love the bag’s TAK technology, which keeps everything in it one piece and its place.  The multiple pockets and sections keep things separate and organized, and the size was perfect to include everything I needed for my skin, makeup, hair, and hygiene!


Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

This lip balm is a dream!  It leaves your lips so naturally plump, glossy & hydrated, and for a while.  I loved it for the flights & post sun-time because of the hydration level and how long it lasts, as I tend to get super dried out from both.  It also smells like natural vanilla ice cream!


AipPods Pro

These might be the best $250 I’ve spent… they’re at least super close.  The sound canceling part of these comes in clutch, honestly all the time (I focus so much better with it on when working at home), but especially when traveling.  Babies crying?  Snoring? People yelling on the subway?  Construction?  No prob.  You feel like you’re in your own world!


YSL Rive Gauche Tote

This had to be included as well because a chic travel tote is always a must for me! Personally, I feel better in so many ways when I make some effort to look put together, so I always wear a simple, neutral athleisure look to the airport, typically mostly black, and try to have my luggage and bags equally as simple and neutral.  This bag comes in a few colors now and is just so chic, imo.  It’s also super sturdy; I’m roughhhh on my stuff (working on it ahh), and it’s really held up through 2.5 years of heavy use.  It’s pretty big, and while I mighttt get one of the organizers for designer bags Amazon sells, it has a pocket and since I tend to put books + a water bottle in it, along with my Fitish bag for smaller things, I’m not sure I need!


Flight Mode Up-High Restoring  Hand Cream

This hand cream is a great partner with the Summer Fridays balm, as it’s just as intense when it comes to hydrating.  It absorbs well, fairly quickly for how hydrating & thick it is, leaving no stickiness or greasiness, just soft, nourished, and hydrated skin.  It also has the slightest, sweet, nutty scent to it.  It’s hardly noticeable but very pleasant.


Josie Maran & Alpha-H Mini Sizes

While I took a few full size products with me, I love taking travel sizes when I can.  Less space taken up and weight to carry is always helpful when traveling, by plane especially (anyone else  chronically over the weight limit?)!  I love when brands that make either intro or travel bundles; they’re so helpful when traveling (or wanting to try with less commitment) and often save you some $$.  Josie and Alpha-H are some favorite sustainable & clean brands of mine that also have some great bundles that I used to travel light the last few trips I’ve taken.  The Josie one linked above is on sale for $35 right now!


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