Style Diary :: White After Labor Day

Happy Tuesday & almost first official day of Fall!

As you can probably tell, I’ve been obsessed with wearing white lately.  I love how clean and classy it looks!  The silly rule of not wearing white before Memorial Day or after Labor day created by high society snobs in the early 1900s was definitely made to be broken.  Especially since for most of September, the weather is still pretty warm, sometimes even hot.   That being said, there are definitely some good and bad ways to wear white in the cooler months.  While you can still get away with looking somewhat summery in September, once we hit October, you definitely want to put away whites that don’t work year-round and transition/style those that do appropriately.  Here are some tips for wearing white well this fall and winter:

-Put away light/summery fabrics.  Instead, opt for heavier fabrics that are appropriate year-round. For example, fabrics, such as denim, silk, suede, knits, and leather would work great, whereas linen would look strange and provide little to no warmth.

-Choose carefully what pieces you want to transition to cooler months.  Some pieces can work layered, but some are too summery to be worn, partly because of fabric, as mentioned above, but also because of style.  Obviously shorts need to be away or go away soon, as do summery dresses, and most sandals.  (Although, layering socks under sandals was a big hit on the runway for fall/winter.  I’m not sure I’m a fan of how that looks though…)

-Speaking of layering… Layer, Layer Layer!  It’s is a great way to incorporate whites in the cooler months.  A white tee looks great paired with a leather jacket.  A silky cami, or even cami dress, would look fabulous and cozy under an oversized chunky grey open sweater.  A white skirt would look great over black tights & booties.

-Style whites with fall pieces. While the color scheme and outfit I’m wearing in this post has more of a late summer vibe, just having a sweater as one of the pieces makes it work well for late September with it’s cooler mornings and evenings.  As the weather gets cooler, I’ll still wear my white jeans, but maybe opt for a more fall-colored sweater with booties.

-Wear more winter whites.  They’re just whites that are slightly warmer/creamier and less pure/stark. While some pure whites may look fine, especially layered or paired with cooler colors, you may want to consider wearing more winter whites during fall, especially when wearing warmer colors.

Do you have any white pieces you plan on wearing well into winter?  I’d love to hear your favorite pieces and how you plan to style them!  As always, items linked below.



Sweater :: NY&Co | Jeans :: JCrew Factory | Bag :: Camelia Roma | Shoes :: Steve Madden

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  • Austyn
    September 20, 2016

    favorite post yet!!i just love the way you styled your white jeans (and thank you for making me a little less sad that summer ends this week)!!! <3

    • bellebylaurelle
      September 21, 2016

      Aw, you’re the sweetest Austyn!!! Glad you enjoyed it and that I could make you a bit less sad! <3