Mindset | Affirmations: Why They’re So Powerful + How I Use Them!

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I used to think affirmations were weird… I didn’t think they actually did much and thought they were for people who were ‘mystical’ or self-centered (yes, once upon a time I actually thought self-love was a bad thing). Now? I practice daily and know they’re a powerful psychological tool we can use to significantly alter our negative thoughts and through that, our realities.

Affirmations have been proven to help mitigate stress, and have been used to successfully treat people with low self-esteem, depression, and other mental health conditions. They are extremely helpful in shifting out of negative thoughts and into not only thinking, but feeling better ones. When a negative thought has been on repeat for years, you need to replace it with the opposite positive one over, and over, and over again to ‘rewire’ it to the point that it’s becoming your default over the negative one.

Negative thoughts aren’t always necessarily bad, sometimes they can actually protect us. Often though we have way more than is helpful or even true. They can get us at best, stuck, and at worst, creating the very reality we’re trying to avoid. Thoughts tend to be self-fulfilling prophecies; they create feelings which affect what we attract, and they determine many of our actions, which create our results and realities, which is why it’s so incredibly important to choose our thoughts intentionally and carefully.

Affirmations also help us raise our view of our self and our worth, thereby helping us feel and step into our power.  Empowered people are able to function and process better, are more motivated, and ultimately much more successful in creating the lives and outcomes they want. 

The truth is, we have so much control over ourselves and our realties, listening to and telling ourselves affirmations are a powerful tool that greatly supports us tapping into that truth!

I spend time writing, thinking, and feeling affirmations multiple times a day, every day. Thinking, Believing, and Feeling what we’re trying to call in or create is so powerful, so I use Affirmations to support my mental health & manifestation practice in three different ways:

1) Intentionally creating Positive Thoughts, Feelings, + Beliefs: In the mornings or when I’m planning/getting clear on new dreams and goals, I’ll write out affirmations that align with them.

>> For example: When I was calling back in my relationship with Geoff, I was very intentional about getting clear on exactly how I wanted things to be this time around, between our dynamic, how I showed up, and how he treated me and showed up. I was pretty nervous opening my heart back up, so I would take some time when journaling to write things like: “The beautiful, healthy relationship I’ve wanted is coming quickly and easily.” or “We love, accept, appreciate, and value each other for our true selves.” or “We work thought any issues lovingly and easily, supporting each other in becoming the best versions of ourselves.”

And sure enough, guess what came to be true… An amazing, healthy relationship that was, and is, exactly everything on my list!! (Of course, I wasn’t delusional and if things weren’t turning out as I wanted, I would have walked away knowing I would still get those things with a better aligned person.)

2) Snapping out of Negative Thoughts, Feelings, + Beliefs: If I start to have negative thought and feelings come up during the day, I’ll stop and shift them. Sometimes I need to do some digging and healing surrounding whatever has come up, but often, especially the more I’ve gotten good at this work, I can just use affirmations for a minute or two and shift quickly.

>> For example: if I’m about to hop on a coaching call and I feel nervous and start to doubt my skills & knowledge, I’ll pick a few affirmations like: “I have the skills and knowledge I need and more to support and help my clients in transforming their minds and lives.” or “My clients love working with me and achieve their results quickly + easily.” or “I’ve been given everything I need for every opportunity I’ve been given.”

The way I show up for my clients thinking these thoughts is so different (and so much better) than when I’m thinking the stressful, freak-out thoughts!

3) Motivating Myself: Sometimes I am just not feeling/energetically behind doing something that I either need to or know will help me create the outcome I’m looking for. Whether it’s budgeting or going to work out, I’ll say things like: “This will be fun and easy” or “My efforts add up quickly and powerfully support me getting ‘xzy thing I want’.” or if it’s my confidence creating the resistance: ” I’m going to do this easily and well – I’m skilled and qualified.”

>> You can always create affirmations specific to what you’re wanting to create or snap out of, but here are some general ones I love and go-to often! <<


God is working all things for me.

I create happiness and opportunities.

I have power over my negative thoughts and feelings.

I am not behind, there is no such thing. I am on the perfectly aligned, right, divine timing.

I have no need for or reason to stress. Everything is ok. I am ok. I am safe and loved. Everything is working out for my good.

My obstacles and struggles work out in the best way possible and are actually opportunities.

My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity.


I am worthy.

I love myself.

I trust myself.

I am beautiful, confident, powerful, and wise.

I have everything I need in me to be happy and successful.

I am a blessing.

It is safe to be myself. I am growing in the areas I need to and loved for my truest self.

I am the architect of my life and my future. I choose and create it.

I am a magnet for love and miracles.


I was put on this earth for a reason and God deeply supports me in it.

My gifts were given to me to use to help myself, others, and make a difference in the world.

I will succeed. I already have in the eternal plane.

What I love is tied to what I’m meant to do. My gifts are meant to help the world.

My work is of great service to others + the world and worthy of great compensation.

If it’s in my heart it’s from God’s heart.

Everything I’m doing is adding up quickly and getting me where I want and am meant to go.


I am deeply loved, cherished, and sought after.

I am a good “xxx” and attract the same back. (friend, listener, caretaker)

I support and love others beautifully and attract the same back.

My ideal relationships are out there and on their way to me the more I truly love + embody my self and my values.


I am abundant, have abundance, and attract abundance.

Money loves me and loves coming to me.

I attract wealth quickly and easily.

I am worthy of abundance, in all areas including financially.

It is of high service to the world for me to have abundant resources.

Feel free to share any you have below!

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