5 Meaningful Gift Ideas for the Smart, Sophisticated Woman | Valentine’s Day

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5 Meaningful Gift Ideas for the Smart, Sophisticated Woman | Valentine’s Day

Happy Friday and first of February guys!  I feel like this month gets dubbed ‘Valentine’s Day month’, which is probably because it’s the only major holiday and it’s so short…

I’ve actually always loved Valentine’s Day though!  My mom and grandma always went all out and bought chocolates, cards, roses and those little candy hearts for each other and my brother and I.  As a self-admitted sugar addict and chocoholic, it was literally a dream come true.  I ate chocolate the entire day and went to bed in a happy little sugar coma.  As I got older, my mom would start to buy me a bit more special gifts, which made it even more special.

People say it’s commercialized, but all holidays are so it’s what you make of it that matters… I believe life is too short to not go all out on the holidays and celebrate the beautiful moments, so I’m not missing out on this love-themed day and making memories, smiling lots, and sharing it with people I love.

Galentines Day Gift Ideas for The Smart, Sophisticated Woman

While I love celebrating it with Ross, who actually usually does a pretty darn good job nailing it, I also love to celebrate with the amazing women in my life as well, thanks to my mom and grandma making that so special growing up.  It’s a great opportunity to tell and show some of the women who mean a lot to you just that, whether you’re a guy or a girl and it’s a woman you love as a significant other, mentor, friend, or mom.

That said, I am NOT a pink girly girl.  I hardly wear red, let alone the pink and purple hues and hearts that literally rain upon us the weeks surrounding February 14th.  I also don’t think buying candy is a great way to invest in someone you care about… a sugar crash and empty calories isn’t really a gift that will better them or their life.  So today I’m sharing some classy, sophisticated gift ideas for the women in your life… I’m not saying that anyone who loves pink or candy is still a kid or that they’re not classy, just that sometimes the gifts surrounding this holiday can be underwhelming at best compared to the incredible women receiving them.

A lot of women, myself included, make themselves small and as un-intimidating as possible most of the time, but honestly, most of the women in our lives are freaking impressive.  Whether supporting themselves working a 9-5 while pursuing their dreams every other hour in cities like NYC, creating, birthing, and raising little humans while running a household, or caring more for everyone around them than themselves while juggling running a business, most women we know, and especially the ones we really know because they’ve opened themselves up and been a friend, are beautiful, strong, sophisticated women that deserve to be celebrated and treated as such.

So today’s gift guide is dedicated to just that… and is consequently full of ideas that individually or paired together will help the woman you want to celebrate to look & feel confident, unique, and loved!

Now that the world’s longest intro is over…

Galentines Day Gift Ideas for The Smart, Sophisticated Woman

1) LAGOS Jewelry

A huge thanks to this amazing brand for sponsoring this post.  I’m always honored to work with LAGOS because the brand not only creates stunning, powerful jewelry, but it’s supported by so many incredible, amazing women.  I love how Steven has brought on his daughter, Kate, to add to the brand’s collections, and how every single women I’ve met working for LAGOS carries herself with grace, confidence, and sophistication.

My mom has owned pieces from LAGOS for years, and the older I get, the more I fall in love with the brand.  I used to only wear delicate jewelry, but I now gravitate towards strong, beautiful, unique pieces as those are the characteristics I want to define me.  I’ve particularly fallen in love with their new Beloved Collection for Valentine’s Day, as they’ve taken the classic lock shape and created both feminine and bold styles with it.  I’m also obsessed with how much they mix gold and sliver.  I love the juxtaposition of these two metals that most are afraid to mix… to me it screams confidence and sophistication.

Jewelry has long been viewed as a meaningful gift for a man to give a woman, but I think it’s just as beautiful and meaningful a way for a woman to show her mom, friend, daughter, whomever how much they mean to her.  Quality jewelry lasts a lifetime, is something that will actually be used over and over, and carries weight with it.

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  They have dozens of stunning pieces starting at $295, like this gorgeous lock necklace which looks beautiful alone, or paired with this diamond studded one I wore it with.  They also have a fun little gift guide you can check out that includes some of their more classic pieces.  I can’t get enough of this cuff and this bangle!

Galentines Day Gift Ideas for The Smart, Sophisticated Woman

2) Language Course

There are few things I consider as empowering as being able to communicate in another language, especially in that language’s country.  I thrive in Paris, especially during the times I manage to squeak by in French so well that a Parisian doesn’t switch over to English as soon as they hear my accent.  Those moments of confidence and competence compound and propel me into working, chasing my dreams, and succeeding, harder, so I do whatever I can to encourage more of them.  A good gift is one that empowers and motivates the woman you care about.  Ross and I have both studied other languages using Living Languages kits and really liked them! (they’re under $30 too which is insane!)

3) Book a Class

It could be on cooking gnocchi, learning about wine, or making a candle, whatever sounds fun!  Spending time with the people you love is so important, but it’s also important that that some of that time be fun.  Make memories, laugh, and learn something new while you’re at it!  It’s way too easy to forget that not everything you do in life needs to be something that gets you closer to your goals.  It’s ok to do something just to have fun or to have a new experience.  That’s often when the best memories are made!  La Cucina has some fun cooking classes in Philly and NYC Wine Course has great reviews!

Galentines Day Gift Ideas for The Smart, Sophisticated Woman

4) Girl, Wash Your Face

I know, I know, I’ve mentioned this several times.  But a good book that confronts the lies that are holding you back from living your best life and pursuing your dreams needs to be shared over and over and over.  This book is that.  From the realness, to the humor, to the tell-it-like-it-is-ness, it’s a must read and a favorite fun one at that.  Any human woman with human struggles will thank you for this big time and finish it feeling more encouraged and empowered!

5) Spa Time

Most women, myself included, are not the greatest at making time for self-care.  Self-care is NOT selfish, it’s necessary for staying balanced and healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I’ve been learning the hard way that if I don’t take care of myself, I end up getting burnt out and being more of burden on Ross or my close friends than anything else, which is the opposite of what I want to be!  But you can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself.  Sometimes we need a gentle push or permission to take care of ourselves, which is exactly what a Gift Card to a spa or booked appointment is and why I think it makes such a great gift.  Sisley is a favorite skincare brand with some amazing spas around the world.  I loved my visit to the NYC one, and couldn’t reccomend more!

Galentines Day Gift Ideas for The Smart, Sophisticated Woman

What are you plans for Valentine’s Day?  Do you have any other meaningful gift ideas?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below!  Hope you enjoyed and found this helpful.



Galentines Day Gift Ideas for The Smart, Sophisticated Woman

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