Loves Lately | June 2020

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Loves Lately | June 2020

Happy Monday friends!  Sharing a few loves from June with you guys, including a black female owned candle brand that’s multi-functional & sustainable, my go-to white wine this summer, the eyeshadow palette I’ve been using for my everyday summer eye makeup, and more.  These have been on heavy rotation, and I think you’ll love too!!

xx, JordanLaurelle

BumCake Vintage Candle

A little bit of the ocean for your dresser, I’m obsessed with this gorgeous shell candle!  Not only is it beautiful decoration, it smells amazing, and can be used as a jewelry dish once burned.  Multi-funtional and sustainable!  The brand itself is sustainable, as well as black & female owned!


Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

I’m a big red wine girl, but during the summer, I love me a crisp, cold white or rosé.  This white is exactly what I want from a glass of wine on a hot summer afternoon… it’s light enough to be refreshing while still being very flavorful;  it’s bursting with tropical fruit yet still crisp & citrusy; it holds it’s own sipped solo but also pairs well with food.  A great versatile white to bring to the beach or a party!


Lait de Coco Eau De Parfum 

This perfume is vacation in a bottle!  It’s creamy with a slight tropical air and lots of pure coconut.  It has a clean finish, so you won’t smell sweet or fruity, which I personally love as I’m more of a fresh/clean scent girl!  The packaging is also gorgeous and the price point of $18 solid.


Floramye CBD

This CBD brand is  amazing all around… the products are not only beautiful to display, they’re effective, high quality, and sustainable!  The body butter is one of my favorites from the brand… it’s so luxurious, smells amazing from the essential oils, and leaves your skin nourished & hydrated for hours.  I also love applying it to anywhere I’m feeling sore or tense, usually from stress or workouts, as I find it helps relax my muscles and offer a bit of relief.  The bath bombs are also beautiful with a little crystal/stone in the middle of them.  While the products themselves are truly amazing, I also love that the brand makes sure its ingredients are ethically sourced, the packaging sustainable, and that they give 5% of their elixir profits to mental health non-profits!


Lawless Eye Palette

This eyeshadow palette has been my go-to for the last month or so!  The colors are buttery, beautiful, and blended make for the perfect summery eye look.  I love the brilliant shimmery golds for my inner lids, the warm terracottas for my outer lids, and a hint of the brown for my crease.   It takes me not even 2 minutes to do my eyeshadow with these, especially since they blend really well!  I’m newer to Lawless but have seriously been so impressed by everything I’ve tried from them, especially since the brand is clean and cruelty free!


Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Volumizing Spray and Clinical Densifying Leave-In Root Treatment

I’ve been loving these hair sprays by Alterna the last couple months!  The volumizing spray is super effective and doesn’t leave any kind of crush or residue, and the densifying treatment has been all the same and more… it’s been helping fill in some sparse spots that I was left with after a stressful year!  I’ve been also taking a hair, skin, & nails vitamin, but have noticed the spots I’ve used this spray on have especially filled in!  Loving the results I get with both!


Mission Carb Balance Tortillas

I’m not at all ‘low carb’ or crazy strict with my diet, but I love when I look and feel good, and that tends to be the case for me when I keep my sugar intake low and my carb intake less than my protein + fat (combined).  I enjoy sandwiches and wraps, so I’m always hunting for healthier alternatives and this discovery was a jackpot!  Most ‘low carb’ wraps I’ve tried are either not filling or taste like cardboard, but these babies taste amazing and are appropriately filling!  I even enjoy them plain they’re so good… if you’re looking for a high protein and/or lower carb tortilla, these are so worth a try!


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  • Lisa Autumn
    July 7, 2020

    Oh I want the eye palette so bad.. looks gorgeous!

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