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I cannot believe that we are already into July – this year is flying by! Moving a zillion times is likely amplifying that as it only adds to the busyness, but wow. I’ve really missed sharing my new finds and favorites with you all here, so I’m exited to bring back my ‘loves’ posts! These are some from Amazon over the last 2 or so months that I am using regularly and loving!

Chunky Knit Throw

While I don’t use this in bed too often, it’s fantastic when I’m stressed or cold, as it’s a medium weight. It not only looks much more expense than it is, it’s also responsibly sourced!

To Do List Notepad

This notepad has been super helpful with upping my productivity levels! I need to have things in my planner and have been trying out time blocking for scheduling them, but I found also having a list where I can just write out all my to-do’s, especially when they pop into my head throughout the day has been incredibly helpful! I not only forget things less, I tend to stay on task and accomplish more throughout the day!

Seamless Workout Set

I’ve been loving this more sexy workout set lately! It’s well designed so it’s not only cute, but it’s incredibly supportive. It keeps the ladies in place and is super flattering and smoothing around the waistline. It’s also pretty comfy!

High Cut Bikini

This bathing suit comes in 30 different colors and looks so good on many different body types! I love how it has a fun, sexy cut with how the underwire is shaped. It’s also sturdy and has decent coverage! The quality is pretty good for the price!

High Waisted Leggings with Pockets

First, I love the criss cross waist, it’s super flattering! Second, I love the pockets! I love being able to keep my keys and phone in my pockets when walking or running! It’s such a game changer! And although I haven’t sweat in them yet as I’ve only worn for walks and flying, they’re also supposed to be quick drying and sweat-proof!

Duvet Cover Set

This duvet cover looks really beautiful in person! The fabric is comfy, breathable, lightweight, super-soft to the touch and I love that I can take it off and wash it without washing our duvet! The price was great too!

Tell me your favorites below! Check out my latest blog post here!

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