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What a wild ride. Our relationship has taught me so much about love, grace, alignment, myself, and life. And it has more than any other, helped me become an infinitely better human.

I wasn’t sure I could see us getting back together after we broke up last fall. It just goes to show you that anything and everything is always possible. And when people change, for themselves first and foremost, and learn to develop strong self-love & personal sovereignty; magical things can happen.

Some things I’ve learned:

– The health of your relationship with yourself has one of, if not the, biggest impact on the health of your relationship with others.
– Staying aligned to and investing in yourself first and foremost is so important. No one is worth sacrificing those things for, in fact sacrificing those will only hurt any relationship you’re trying to save by doing so.
– Brutal (while kind and healthy) honesty is imperative. You’re not being kind by not being honest and authentic (which means you have to have a level of knowing yourself down first, honestly). You’re hurting both of you more.
– The little things matter, they add up, and make the relationship, For better or for worse. Give the extra hug. Lend the helping hand. Say why you’re grateful for the other.
– Knowing the difference between and being able to identify areas where growth is needed and possible (and eventually happening) vs. things you are living in denial about and/or settling on is huge.
– Communication is HUGE. And doing your own healing work to be able to communicate in a healthy and clear way is your job and also HUGE. It often involves learning how to identify and work through your triggers/past trauma, and learning how to regulate and communicate when triggered.
– Friendship and alignment are just as important as love, attraction, and chemistry.
– The goal is to be two sovereign individuals in relationship.
– Have fun. Choose your battles wisely. Give an abundance of grace (when trust has been earned) And let the small stuff be small stuff.

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