Top 10 Gift Guide

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Top 10 Gift Guide!

Hello Loves!  I cannot believe that Black Friday and the Holidays are nearly here!!  I’ll be sharing some great gifts organized by category soon, but I also wanted to share 10 incredible gifts that would work really well for most women on your list.  They’re things I would love to unwrap myself, and most of which I’ve tested and tried!  I hope it helps with your shopping this weekend!



Nest Holiday Candles

I have a few favorite candle brands, some I’m sure many of you love as well, but I simply cannot get over Nest’s holiday scents.  ‘Holiday’ is my absolute favorite, with ‘Birchwood Pine‘ a close second!  I love that their candles have a strong scent, so you can actually smell them in a larger-sized room, and how the holiday scents have the loveliest gold-gilded packaging.  Their votive sized ones are $16, so you can try them out without committing, although if you’re like me, you’ll end up falling in love and having several of the 3-wick size sprinkled around your home!  Another reason why I love their holiday scents is that they’re not super Christmassy smelling.  They have a lot of pine notes and I love burning them all winter long!

Ideal of Sweden Phone Case + Car Mount

I didn’t realize how much it was possible to love a phone case until now!  Not only are Ideal of Sweden phone cases gorgeous, they’re also super handy and practical!  I have their car mount, and I love how I can just put my phone up to the mount and it stays, thanks to their magnetic technology!  All of their products are compatible with the magnetic technology, so you can use any phone case with their car mount, any wallet case, ect.  The perfect gift for someone who likes practical gifts that still look stylish!


I’ve become such a fan of watches this year; I rarely leave the house without one!  They’re such a great accessory that look great stacked with bracelets, and there are so many great styles and brands that there great options for everyone on your gifting list! Right now I’m really love the petite Daniel Wellington ones (wearing it in the photo below!), as I like my jewelry/accessories delicate for the most part.  They’re especially perfect for a petite person like me, as the faces and straps are very small/thin, unlike most others I’ve seen around!  They also have such a great variety, which broadens even more with their interchangeable straps!  I also love my Rosefield Tribeca watch, as I love how it has a masculine look to it while being the perfect size for a female wrist.  It looks so luxe too; way more expensive than it actually is! They’re one of those gifts that are hard to go wrong with!

Processed With DarkroomDagne Dover Bags

These bags, talk about an organization freak’s dream come true!  They’re classy and beautiful on the outside, but on the inside they’re all pockets and pouches to keep you organized throughout the day.  I have come more and more to believe that I don’t have time to not be organized (I used to think I didn’t have time to be, until I realized how much time and stress being organized saves), so I really appreciate how easy these bags make it to stay this way!  I’m really loving their burgundy bucket bag and their fabulous new blue and bronze snakeskin print thank comes in a few different bag types.

Avocado Sock

YOU GUYS. This thing ripens avocados faster than even the paper bag method yet much more evenly.  What does that mean???  ALL DAY ERRY DAY AVOCADO TOAST.  I’m so excited and hoping I get one of these for Christmas.  I LOVE avocado toast (praises for a healthy food that actually tastes amazing!!!)  If you have a loved one who loves avocados, this is such a unique and creative gift!  Plus, it’s under $15!!

Beauty Blender

I wish I’d realized earlier how much off a difference using a sponge makes in terms of achieving a flawless face!  I started using sponges in April and will never go back to brushes.  It’s seriously that good of an upgrade!  Beauty Blender is such a great brand for makeup sponges, and they have some great sets for Christmas!

Top 10 Gift Guide!

Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere is one of those things that many feel bad buying for themselves because it is kind of a luxury product (and the price often reflects that, or at least people think it will)!  But it really is worth it; it’s so much softer than most fabrics out there!  A cashmere gift is a way to spoil your loved one and make them feel special.  Annnnnd you also don’t have to drop as much as you probably think… I’m sure more will be discounted for black Friday, but here are a bunch around or under $100 (some as low as $40!)

Wine Bottle Herb Garden

So I discovered Urban Leaf at the Consumer Discovery Show last weekend and thought it was the neatest thing ever! I didn’t do a great job explaining what it is in my little title, but basically they make a little stick up with dirt and seeds, you stick it in a wine bottle with water, and bam… you have basil!  (If you don’t drink, you can always use a bottle from cooking wine or a bottle of Pellegrino, anything with dark glass!) You could totally make a little herb garden display with 4 or 5!  So obsessed!  I love the idea of an herb garden and cooking with fresh herbs, but with an apartment not on ground floor, it’s practically impossible.  This makes it doable!  Instead of throwing away your wine bottles, why not them to grow herbs??

Delicate Jewelry

Jewelry is such a great route to go for gifts, but can sometimes be tough to pick out as it is so personal!  I love gifting and getting delicate, minimal jewelry as it can be worn everyday and goes well with everything!  Mejuri, Adina’s Jewels, and Nadri are some of my favorite brands!

Snuggly Blanket

I can’t think of a better gift for winter than a big, soft, cozy blanket, especially with the temps dropping!  It makes working on the couch, snuggle sessions, and TV time 10x better! Most people won’t splurge on a really nice blanket for themselves, so it’s a  great gift and way to spoil a loved one!!

Top 10 Gift Guide!

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