Things Worth Buying on Black Friday

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What to Buy for Black Friday

Black Friday, I always feel slightly stressed yet very excited when I think about it.  I loooove saving money on things I love, but it’s INTENSE man.  A million and one sales to keep up with, half as many coupon codes, and after shopping for a few hours, I feel so lost as to what I actually want and/or need.  Sales are obviously a marketing strategy to get people to purchase more, and they’re a great one!  Who doesn’t love feeling like they got something for a steal?  The problem is, when everyone is having a sale, it can be confusing and stressful.

So, to help you guys out, I decided to make a list of the things I think are worth buying and are actually a good deal!  I don’t always buy all of these every year, but I usually buy several most years and will likely continue to!  I hope it helps you guys navigate the chaos and spend your money on things that you’re actually getting a great deal on!

(If you do want more of a generic roundup of sales, selects, and codes, you can check out this page here!)



Obviously designer is a pretty penny, and not everybody even dips into this category.  But if you do, Black Friday is a great time to score the most money off you’ll see all year, which for these items, can be a lot.

I like to buy some of my items pre-owned, and Fashiophile did some great discounts last year (on top of their already really good prices), and I’m hoping they do the same again this year, as there is a bag I’m eyeing!

For buying new, a lot of online retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Neiman Marcus, Farfetch, FRWD, and Saks 5th Avenue mark down beautiful and current season styles, or offer extra off of last season.  It’s worth saving some pieces you love to your shopping cart or scrolling though their sale pieces on the day of!

Here are some pieces I’m loving:

Quality Brands & Products

Less expensive yet still great quality are what I tend to think of as ‘mid-range’ brands.  The prices are definitely not low, but they’re not designer high and you’re getting really beautiful, high quality products.  In my opinion, these tend to make great gifts because a lot of times they’re not something that friends and family will treat themselves to often or at all, but of course will put a smile on their face if you make the splurge for them.  They also don’t go on sale frequently, or if they do, it’s not as big of a discount!

Some I’m loving and shopping:

Special Sets and Items

A lot of brands have special items or sets out for Black Friday and the holidays.  I love checking these out as a lot of times the products are discounted and their normal packaging is embellished/spruced up for the holidays or special set!

Dyptique, which is one my favorite luxury brands, just released some wonderful holiday specials as well as a black Friday one!  They have stunning fragrances and a variety of home and bath products, such as candles, perfumes, soaps, room sprays, etc.  Their packaging is just as beautiful and elegant as their scents are, and the quality is always on par.

Their Black Friday release is a beautiful special edition of the Baises Candle with beautiful black and white artwork, shown in the photo at the top of this post. The candle is only available from today through the 26th!  It’s $72, which is $23 less than their other Baises ‘colored’ candle.   They also have a gorgeous advent calendar which I’m sure will be one of the best advent calendars ever.  It’s pricey at $425, but the amount of product you’re getting for the price is definitely a deal!   They also have smaller little sets they named ‘treat cones’ for $45 which include a mini candle, shower oil, and travel sized fragrance, which makes such a great, luxe  gift without breaking the bank!  I have several of the travel sized fragrances and I love keeping one in my purse, they have a good amount of product but are very compact (and pretty!).  While some of their special items are only available on their site, quite a few items can be purchased online at Neiman Marcus and they’re offering $50 off when you spend $200 on beauty products.  That’s 25% off, which is huge, especially considering the price points of the items and that they rarely go on sale.

Here are some other great sets for brands I love and use:


Good skincare doesn’t go on sale often, so it’s also something I tend to stock up on!  Buying 2-3 of products you love for 20-35% off now can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Here are some products I love that you can score at a discount today:


The sales or deals on things like laptops, coffeemakers, TVs, etc. are usually the highest they’ll be all year during Cyber week, so they’re also great to buy now if you can!  I’m considering a drip coffee maker, so I’ve been on the hunt for that.  Here are some great gadgets to snag at a great price:

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    Oh I want everything!

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      So many good things! Did you score any good deals on Black Friday?

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