Sustainability | 5 Conscious Brands I’m Loving | Edit No. 2

Happy Saturday Friends!  Sharing another post in this series and couldn’t be more excited!  I love brands who just get people who have a penchant for quality and aesthetics but also want to do more for society and the planet.  You’d be surprised how many brands actually don’t do much, or even anything at all… I look at all the brands I use and am constantly surprised!  Also why this will likely be a series I do quarterly vs. monthly, I can only try so much ad I want it to be brands I wear/use and thoughtful.

I so appreciate these brands for essentially ‘doing it all’ and want to feature them so we all support them more!



1. Amour Vert

 This brand is just amazing!  Amour Vert means ‘green love’, and they certainly have that! Everything from the fabrics, the dye, the amount of product made, the factories, is done as sustainably as possible.  They make many of their own fabrics, often repurposing materials that would have otherwise been discarded.  Almost 97% percent of production is done in the states, right near them actually so they can see everything that’s going on.  They plant a tree for every tee-shirt that’s sold… there’s just so many things that make them stand out in terms of how sustainable they are!  And their clothes are gorgeous to boot!  I don’t like sacrificing aesthetics or quality, so I love I don’t have to sacrifice either shopping with them!

2. Eileen Fisher

Another brand I love because it’s doing so much good, but I don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or quality with!  They have programs in Peru to support communities through fair trade, they work to prevent human trafficking in their supply chains, they also have a whole Renew program where they take back their clothes when your finished with them, they use an environmentally responsible cleaning program to clean everything, and then either resell pieces in great condition or use the fabric to make pillows, seat covers, other home decor pieces, and art.

3. Youth to the People

They not only have cool packaging and fantastic skincare (currently loving their green tea & spinach cleanser and super berry hydrate & glow dream mask), but they are just a fantastic brand.  Their products are packed with superfoods, vegan & cruelty-free, sustainable –  they use glass for everything as it is easily recyclable and reusable (another perk – it doesn’t leak chemicals into the products), and 100% clean.  They also give their time and money through their initiative ‘Good to the People’  to non-profits and activists trying to do good socially and environmentally.

4. Shannon Ridge Wines

If you caught my IGTV yesterday, you’ll have seen the wine I mentioned (or more raved about, it’s delicious) was called ‘Ovis’.  I saw on the back when looking for a wine that their winery used sustainable farming techniques (one of the main reasons I decided to give it a go), but it wasn’t till I went to their website that I realized just how cool the winery is!  They keep a flock of sheep and it’s not only cut costs, explaining why their wine is so fantastic for the price point, but it’s allowed them to reduce their need to move by 500%, use very little pesticides, restore farmland, prevent fires, and more… the sheep clean the vineyards, remove the excess canopy, and reduce the need for chemicals, while providing natural fertilizer.  It’s really cool to see how sustainable their business is; it’s neat to read about if you have time to peruse their site!

5. SoulCycle

I forgot how great Soul Cycle is…. I hadn’t ridden in a while till this past week and I haven’t even gone more than a dozen times in my life, but every time I’ve gone I can honestly say I’ve left feeling amazing inside and out.  I personally love how empowering the instructors are!  They’re always pushing you to go harder in the workout but with reminders that actually apply to all areas of your life… be better than you were yesterday, believing you can is half the battle, the battle is in your head… I find the workout passes so quickly because I’m thinking about what’s being said and how it applies to whatever I’m dealing with that week! Anywho, they also happen to be an amazing company!  They have their ‘SoulScholars’ program which helps underserved adults, ‘Charity Rides’ where bikes are sold to raise money for a cause, and SoulService’, where HQ employees give back to the community through serving at things like volunteering at soup kitchens.  I’m an overall fan!


Sustainability | 5 Conscious Brands I'm Loving | Edit No. 2

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