Style | The Perfect Summer to Fall Dress

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Style | The Perfect Summer to Fall Dress

Summer and dresses, it’s almost as good a combo as peanut butter and dark chocolate… almost.  I never used to be a big dress person, especially because I am not a frilly girly girl, but I’ve become more and more a fan over the past few years… I’ve been finding more and more that are the perfect level of feminine, match my mood & style, and are incredibly chic.  (Plus I realllllly love being able to throw on one piece of clothing and be fully dressed, especially during summer!)

So here we are with another style post sharing a dress… it’s honestly such a gem and so worth investing in (and under $100, so not even a huge investment)!  It’s lightweight (read: cool for hot days), flattering, comfortable, unique, and so versatile!  I’ve worn it to several events/happenings and gotten so many compliments!  And I can easily transition it into fall with booties, etc.

Lost in Lunar is brand I was recently introduced to but I’m already in love with!  They have so many great pieces at great price points.  Linking some favorites here, along with this dress:

Have you heard of them before?  Would you wear this dress?  Lmk along with any comments below!



Style | The Perfect Summer to Fall Dress

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