Lifestyle | Spritzy Summer Cocktail Recipe

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Lifestyle | Spritzy Cocktail Recipe

Happy Thursday!  So I didn’t plan to have two posts about drinks in the same week, but it somehow worked out happening that way, because today I’m sharing a cocktail recipe!  Luckily it’s summer and the weekend is almost here!

Ross and I are trying to get more creative in the kitchen lately, especially with cocktails.  Mostly because were moving soon and still have so much hard alcohol (a lot from our honeymoon, Lol!), but also because we’re really enjoying then with it being summer and there are so many you can load up with ice!

This cocktail was born out of me wanting a spritzy/bubbly drink that tasted like summer.  So I threw together some of my favorite ingredients, like frozen mango, lime, and chili simple syrup, and voila!  It’s so refreshing and fruity, but not too sweet… perfect for a hot summer day!  Let me know if you try it, and I hope you enjoy if you do!!





(makes 1 drink)

-2-3 Large Ice Cubes

-5 Frozen Mango Squares, Half Defrosted

-5 oz. Prosecco

-1/2 oz. Simple Syrup (I used a chili flavored one, highly recommend! Also feel free to add more or less per your sweetness preference)

-1/2 oz. Combier (sweet orange liqueur… mango or pineapple would also work!)

-2 Small Lime Wedges

Start by muddling the slightly defrosted mangoes in a shaker or bowl with the Combier,  Simple Syrup and the Juice from one of the Lime Wedges.  Add along with the Ice Cubes to your glass.  Pour Prosecco, Stir, Garnish with the other Lime Wedge, and Enjoy!!


Lifestyle | Spritzy Cocktail Recipe

 Lifestyle | Spritzy Cocktail Recipe

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