Style | Sleek Summer Outfit Recipe

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Style | Sleek Summer Outfit Recipe

Happy Tuesday!  I can’t tell you guys how HAPPY I am to feel good enough to get a little work done!  What a week or so it’s been.  Today’s post is an ‘outfit recipe’, as I like to call them, that I’ve been going to for events and date nights; basically a sleek yet easy ensemble of a few basics that can be recreated in so many different ways by swapping out colorways and textures.  I’ve been wearing it over and over, although this black with a bit of white & khaki is a favorite rendition of it!  All you need is:


Minimal Bodysuit

I’m loving sleek, minimal bodysuits lately!  Not only are they fitting in with the 90s styles that have been trending, but they’re lightweight & cool for the summer heat.



Classic Denim Skirt

I’ve been living in denim skirts lately!  They’re the perfect way to stay cool wearing denim while not feeling like all of your legs are out (which there’s nothing wrong with, I just don’t find it comfortable usually, especially in AC, and it can be a bit too casual for some settings).



Style | Sleek Summer Outfit Recipe


Statement Blazer

A statement blazer is a great way to add character to an outfit while simultaneously elevating it and making sure you’re not freezing on those cooler summer nights.  I’m loving whites, corals, and stripes lately!



Pointy Mules

You guys know I love me a classic pointed toe pump; it elevates any look and looks endlessly chic.  I’m loving pointed toe mules lately though, especially for summer.  They’re a just bit more casual, comfortable, and low-key than a classic pump, and I love the vibe it gives especially when paired with denim!


Add a bag o your choice, and voila!  You’ve got a sleek, sophisticated summer look.

Would you guys wear this?  What are some of your favorite summer looks?  Lmk along with any comments below!



Style | Sleek Summer Outfit Recipe

Style | Sleek Summer Outfit Recipe

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