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3000BC Spa Review and HydraFacial MD Thoughts!

Happy Friday guys!

So exactly about weeks ago, I had my first facial.  It was long overdue!  And I’m so excited to finally share my experience and thoughts here with you guys!!

This was my second time visiting 3000BC Spa in Germantown.  The first time was for an open house, and after seeing how beautiful it was, I was very excited to plan a spa day there!  From the aroma of essential oils floating through the air, to the freshly made iced tea they serve you while your wait, to the kind and friendly staff, you definitely feel welcomed and start to relax from the moment you walk in.

The very first step of the facial was going up to get a skincare consultation with my lovely esthetician, Michelle Glynn.  The consultation is based on the results of a Visia analysis of you face.  The Visia uses technology to scan your skin and produce a detailed analysis of several different components of your skin, such as pores, sun damage, texture, and even compares your results to those of others from all around the world who are your age and have the same skin type, using the largest skin database there is!  It also tells you your skin’s ‘true age’, which is so scary, but so cool!!  When I visited back in March, my skin’s age was 2 years older than I am, but now it’s only one year!  I was so excited to see that some of the products I’ve been using have been working!

Based on the results, Michelle was able to identify what some of my skin problems were and what I needed to be doing to help them.  One of them is bacteria build-up/acne, so she was able to use LED light therapy in my Hydrafacial and recommend products to use at home to help treat it!  She also gave me some incredibly helpful advice on the top things I should be doing to prevent aging and take care of my skin.  Her number one recommendation?  SPF!  I’ve heard a lot the past few years about how important wearing sunscreen is, but I definitely underestimated it.  I am the worst about protecting my skin from the sun, so I am definitely working on being more proactive about that!

After the consultation, we moved on to the facial part of the appointment!  The type of facial I had was called the Hydrafacial MD.  It’s definitely no ordinary facial, and is actually considered a medical service because of how effective it is!  It cleanses, exfoliates, resurfaces, extracts, detoxifies, hydrates, and protects your skin, leaving it looking so much better than it did before!   It’s also a very gentle and comfortable procedure to have done!

We started with dermaplaning, which is a very effective type of exfoliating where a scalpel is used to scrape off the dead skin and hair. It sounds painful, but I promise it isn’t even the slightest bit!  The next step was a chemical peel, then extractions.  This is the only part that was a bit uncomfortable.  The machine acts like a sort of vacuum because of the vortex tips.  It sucks out impurities, pulling out a lot of build-up, like dead skin & bacteria.  That wasn’t painful at all, but Michelle had to do manual extractions on some of my pores, which was a bit painful for some of them.  But extractions are slightly painful for any facial you get unless you have an extremely high pain tolerance; you’re squeezing junk out of your skin!!  And it was so worth it, because my pores were so much smaller smaller and my face looked so much clearer after!!

But the Hydrafacial is not just about taking the bad out, it’s also about putting the good in!  The machine is putting amazing things back in those cleaned out pores!  It replenishes vital nutrients including antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid.  You can also get add-ins like Bretinol (clears, brightens and hydrates) and Derma-builder (like baby-botox, it plumps).  Then you can also choose to use light therapy, which uses LED to treat different things like redness or bacteria/acne.

The Hydrafacial is one of the only facials that is non-invasive (no knives or needles!) and has zero down-time, yet is highly effective and treats skin problems!  I was so happy with how clean, hydrated, and glowing my face was after the facial!  It was also incredibly fast and gentle, and my skin looked even better the days after!  I’m also loving the products that I went home with.  3000BC has it’s own skincare products, all potent and packed with incredible ingredients to get you the best results in as little time as possibly.  I’m loving how the Clarifying Pads are helping clear my skin and their Antioxidant Protector (with 10% Vitamin C!) is helping brighten and even my skin tone!  I couldn’t be happier to see improvement continuing to happen, and can’t wait to see what my skin’s ‘true age’ is next time!


This post was sponsored by 3000BC Spa & Ashman & Associates, but as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own! 

3000BC Spa Review and HydraFacial MD Thoughts!

3000BC Spa Review and HydraFacial MD Thoughts! 3000BC Spa Review and HydraFacial MD Thoughts!

3000BC Spa Review and HydraFacial MD Thoughts!

3000BC Spa Review and HydraFacial MD Thoughts!

3000BC Spa Review and HydraFacial MD Thoughts!

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