Gift Ideas | Meaningful Gifting with Lagos

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Gift Ideas | Meaningful Gifting with Lagos

With what our family has gone through the past week or so, it’s been a hard start to the holiday season, but one that’s reminded me of the importance of cherishing the loved ones in your life.  The older I get, the less I care bout getting things and the more I care about moments, meaning, & memories.  My 15 year-old-self would balk at me now, telling my mom she doesn’t need to worry about getting me anything, except mayyyyybe a lavender candle if she really wants to!  But honestly, I just want as much of our family as possible to be gathered, there good food & wine, and the house to be filled with laughter and memories in the making.

That said, I still love to give gifts!  I love shopping and trying to figure out what each person would love, wrapping it up as pretty as I can, and then watching them smile (hopefully) as I open it.  It’s such a great feeling when you get something they truly love!  As I’ve grown older though, meaning has played a heavier and heavier role a I think of what to get each loved one.  For some, time is their love language, so planning an afternoon filled with things we can do together is the best gift I could give, for others it’s something that is really practical for them, and for others, especially my mom, it’s something that has a deeper meaning.

Gift Ideas | Meaningful Gifting with Lagos

For me, fine jewelry has always held meaning, whether to celebrate an occasion, milestone, or relationship.  My moving to NYC this September was hard on my parents, as we’ve finally grown close and built deep relationships over the last 4-5 years.  While NYC isn’t that much further, it is further/more complicated to get to, and I think it just feels further to my mom especially.  So this Christmas, I decided matching Lagos’ Gold & Black caviar bracelets was the perfect way to remind my mom I still love her just as much and we’ll always be connected no matter the distance.

If you’ve followed along here for a while, you know that Lagos is a brand I’ve loved for a while!  Not only is the jewelry gorgeous and artistic and Steve Lagos from Philly (I’m totally biased haha), they’re a brand that puts a huge focus on inspiring and empowering women to be and express their unique selves sophisticatedly and confidently, a message that lines up with one of my mine for my platforms.  Their pieces all have that unique & artistic Lagos look, yet there are so many there’s something for every woman, no matter age, ethnicity, style, to do just that with their jewelry.  They’re one of the few jewelry brands that both my mom and I love and wear!

Gift Ideas | Meaningful Gifting with Lagos

As a gold lover, I loved their Gold Caviar line when it came out, especially the more delicate to medium sized pieces, but the new Gold & Black Caviar pieces are next level!  It’s very hard to find beautiful jewelry that has a lot of black, done tastefully, without investing in black diamonds, but here they are with a full range of stunning pieces I can’t stop drooling over!

I got my love for wearing black from my mom, so I knew a Gold & Black Caviar piece was what I wanted to get for her, and I finally landed on this stunning bracelet from the collection.  It’s statement enough to be worn alone and stand out, yet fits in beautiful with 2-4 other bracelets for a gorgeous bracelet stack. I know we’ll both wear it a lot, and when we do, think of each other.

Gift Ideas | Meaningful Gifting with Lagos

If you’re considering buying a beautiful piece of jewelry for a loved one to celebrate a milestone, your love, or just them, make sure to stop by and peruse all their difference collections!  While the Gold & Black Caviar Collection is my current favorite, I love Kate Lagos’s Collection for more edgy looks, the High Bar Collection for a bit more modern of a look, and have been obsessed with my Smart Caviar since I got it last December… it’s jewelry for your Apple Watch, the most gorgeous strap out there!  All make fantastic gifts depending on your loved one’s taste.

Linking some favorite pieces here for you!  Happy Shopping!

Black Caviar




Gift Ideas | Meaningful Gifting with Lagos

This post is sponsored by LAGOS, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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