Loves Lately | Vol. 2

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Loves Lately | Vol. 2

Happy Sunday!  I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!  I had this ready to post days ago, but if you follow along on IG, you know it was a rough few days.  I gave myself a few days to cry, disconnect, listen to podcasts & sermons, sleep in, and you know what?  Shockingly self-care makes a world of a difference.  I’m excited to share these loves with you guys and hope you enjoy!  I’d love to know if you try anything!




1. AU-Rate NYC

I know this isn’t one of my ‘conscious’ blog posts, but wow was I blown away when I heard about how incredibly sustainable and conscious AU-Rate NYC is!  I’m always on the hunt for fantastic pieces to add to my wardrobe & accessory drawers, and now more-so for ones that are not only gorgeous, but are from brands who care about doing good.  I knew about AU-Rate’s gorgeous jewelry, but I didn’t know that they use 100% recycled gold, are incredibly meticulous about making sure their pearls & diamonds are ethically sourced, and donate a book for every piece of gold sold.  Their price points are also fantastic for gold, diamonds, and pearls!  I’m especially loving their rings right now, they have quite a few minimal and statement options that are just stunning and I love that they have some with black diamonds!


2. Lano Lips

This stuff is amazing… I struggle with my lips being chapped and therefore peeling and flaking a lot, especially during the colder months!  There aren’t many lip products that help, and many of the ones I do love come in pots or are meant to be used overnight.  I don’t mind pots, but I usually prefer to carry tubes when I’m not home.  I also love to have at least a little color on if I’m not home.  Lanolips not only has beautifully tinted & colored options, but it’s incredibly hydrating and healing on my lips!  It’s made with Lanolin which is the ingredient closet to what our skin naturally produces to hydrate itself!


3. Amore Pacific Candle & Body Scrub

You guys know I’ve been a longtime fan of Amore Pacific, the line specifically and some of the other lines from the whole overarching company.  Well they just came out with their first ever candle and body scrub!!!  The candle is really beautiful, white with a gilded gold pattern, and it comes with an elegant gold snuffer… I’ve been feeling so boujie when I use it haha!  (it’s my first snuffer, so I’m pretty excited… although being such a candle obsessed person, I feel like I’m late to the game haha!)  Both the candle and the scrub smell sooo nice too, which is also why I’m so obsessed!  They only come in a kit with some skincare right now, which is great although definitely an investment since their skincare is up there in terms of price.  It is fantastic skincare though… the AmorePacific line specifically harnesses the power of green tea to reduce and prevent signs of aging; it always leaves my skin super hydrated, plumped, glowy, and smelling fantastic!  It’s great if yourself if you’re feeling your skin has lost some of it’s plumpness, firmness, and glow, or to split with a sister or mom maybe!


4. La Colombe Oat Milk Lattes

You guys know I’m a huge La Colombe fan, but you might not know I’m also a huge oatmilk fan!  If you haven’t gotten on the oatmilk train yet, you need to at least give it a go.  It’s the creamiest of the nondairy milks in my opinion and has a fabulous taste!  I always preferred soy to coconut and almond, but I don’t want to drink it regularly because of the negative effect it can have on your hormones, and I actually think oat tastes even better than soy!  I used to get the oat milk draft lattes at the actual La Colombe cafés in Philly and they were to die for, so when I saw they came out with them in cans I got so excited!  I love that their draft lattes have a strong coffee taste, they don’t just taste like milk, and this new oatmilk version is delicious!  It’s great on it’s own, over ice, and with a splash of chocolate cashew or oat milk (this is currently in my fridge) to make it even creamier and a bit sweet if I’m feeling in the mood to treat myself… it’s a super yummy mid-afternoon pick-me-up!


5. Charlotte Tilbury Foundation

This has been my go-to foundation since I got it in July and it’s fantastic!  I think my favorite part about it is that it looks like skin; it takes a minute or two to oxodize after you apply, but it quickly and nicely sort of melts into and meshes with my skin.  I like that it has plenty of coverage, and can be layered for extra coverage, but doesn’t look like I have heavy makeup on.  It’s also super long wearing, it doesn’t wipe off easily and it even holds up through a workout & sweat!




This blog post is sponsored by Nakturnal, but as always, all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own!

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  • erin
    November 26, 2019

    All of these brands seem great ! I’m excited to do some shopping (:

    • bellebylaurelle
      November 28, 2019

      I hope you love whatever you get!! <3