Loves Lately | Vol. 1

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Loves Lately | Vol. 1


Hi friends and happy Wednesday!!  Starting a new series on the blog I’m going to try to do weekly, just sharing 5 things I’m loving that week or so, from food to beauty to quotes to literally anything!  There are so many fantastic things I never get to share with you because they don’t necessarily fit into a category, I don’t have the time or other content to make an entire category specific post/video about, and I want them to have a more permanent place than IG stories, so here we are!


1. Lagos Black Caviar

I just got some pieces in from Lagos’s newer black caviar collection and wow.   They’re so, so stunning!  Black & gold is one of my favorite and most worn color combos, but it’s not often you find jewelry that tastefully includes the color black. These are works of are and I’ve been wearing the pieces nonstop!

2. Celsius Energy Drinks

I probably shouldn’t consume as much caffeine as I do, working on t

hat, but in the meantime I switched from Red Bull to Celsius and love it so much!  It’s healthier and more natural, especially since they don’t use aspartame and offer options sweetened with sucralose or stevia, and I prefer the taste.  It’s also supposed to help boost your metabolism, which is always a win!

3. Hourglass Eye Shimmer

These are such beautiful eyeshadows!  They have a gorgeous not over-the-top but buildable shimmer that is so pretty, especially for the holidays.  They blend beautifully, so you can just use a little blended alone over your lid or over another shadow for a subtle shimmer, or you can use a lot for a very pigmented and shimmery look.  I’ve been using Foil & Ray a lot the last few weeks!  They also come in such a cute little set perfect for holiday gifting!

4. Gary Vee

I’ve known about Gary Vee for a while, but it wasn’t till very recently I started listening to his #AskGaryVee podcasts.  They’re seriously amazing!  It might be because of my personality type, star sign, how I was raised… who knows… but I’m a pretty honest/blunt/say what I mean type person and so prefer & value when other people are the same.  If you don’t like how I did something, don’t like me, or whatever, I’d rather you just (kindly but honestly) tell me than not say anything or sugarcoat it.  So Gary Vee’s style of coaching really works for me.  He’s brutally honest and I always leave feeling so challenged to work harder & smarter!

5. Western Boot Trend

Whether it’s full-on Western boots or just ones with a Western flair, I’ve been loving the trend! I’m not always a trendy person, but this one started to pop up a year or so ago and I think it’ll stay for a while.  You guys know I love a pointy toe and structure, which is why I think I’ve fallen so hard, Western boots have both!  They’re super flattering, leg lengthening, and I’m here for it.  Linked some that I think are gorgeous, most of which are also on sale:



A penny for your thoughts?  Would love to hear if you liked this and if you’re going to try/already love any of the above!!




Loves Lately | Vol. 1


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