Loves Lately | January 2021

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Loves Lately | January 2021

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend!  We got to unwind a bit Saturday night with some Brooklyn winery wine, tons of cheese, and a really yummy & healthy cauliflower parm recipe Geoff tried and nailed!  Recipe is in my ‘healthy eats’ highlight if you’re interested!

It’s crazy to think January is already over, but February is officially here and this blizzard it’s kicking off with is something else!  Sharing some of my loves from last month, which if you’re at home trying to stay as cozy as possible like we are, might be right up your alley too!  Also sharing a fun Valentine’s Day giveaway at the bottom – make sure to enter! xx


Oversized Babes Supporting Babes Sweater

This sweater has been on heavy rotation lately!  I accidentally got it super oversized at a gifting suite a few years back so it ended up at the bottom of a drawer for a long time.  Moving is great for realizing you have 28365x more stuff than you thought, but sometimes, like finding money in the back pocket of an old pair of jeans, you discover or rediscover gems that you can’t believe you’ve been living without.  That was this sweater… I’m so here for oversized sweaters now.


Keys Soulcare Mask

I’ve shared Alicia Keys new brand, Keys Soulcare, a few times on stories; I am so here for what the brand is promoting and standing for.  2020 drove home for me how important self-love & self-care are, and daily rituals that help me pour into myself & fill my cup so I can pour into others are a huge part of how I’ve learned to care for and show love to myself.  Although masking has become one of those cliché forms of ‘self-care’, for me, it really does help fill my cup a few days a week before starting my work day.  I love this mask and have ended up reaching for it several times since receiving because it leaves my skin super soft, hydrated and radiant.  I also love that the brand is clean and has so many great soul-care resources on their website.


Alpha H Liquid Gold Midnight Reboot Serum

I know I did a partnership sharing my thoughts on this, but it really wouldn’t be appropriate to not include in January’s loves post because it really made such a difference!  I saw a noticeable difference in my skin’s texture and brightness, but it slayyyed my acne!   Retinoid is so powerful, but it can be irritating, which is why this product is so unique.  It has granactive retinoid, which delivers the results while being so much less irritating – I actually didn’t experience any from it!  This is definitely one of the top 10 skincare products I’ve used and it’s staying in my skincare arsenal!


Glamour Lock Trays

If you missed my stories on these, I’m going to save them to a highlight because these trays are so cool!! I love them for organizing my random work stuff I use during the day and my jewelry.  They have taken technology which is sticky, so it holds your things in place, but it doesn’t leave any residue and is easy to clean if you need to.  I love them especially for draws and shelves so things are neat, organized, and out of sight!


Suja Focus Shot

I’ve been loving this shot for a mid morning or afternoon pick me up!  Not only does it taste yummy, but it helps give me focus and energy when I’m feeling tired.  I love my coffee, but it doesn’t have the same effect and can sometimes leave me too wired, so this has been a great alternative!


Raincry Shampoo

This has been the latest in my shampoo testings and it was a solid love for this one!  I loved the pretty metallic color of the shampoo, that it’s a clean and cruelty-free brand, but even more that it did such a great job deep cleaning my hair and roots leaving my hair shiny and voluminous!


L’Ange Drier Brush

Guys this is a game changer!  I’ve never tried one of these drier brushes before, but it’s such a fast and easy way to style your hair after the shower!  My hair is super curly, and it leaves it silky and straight in about 10 minutes.  I love how it’s helped me stick to my goal of getting ready for work every day while saving me time & energy!




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