Lifestyle | 5 Lovely Rosés to Try this Summer

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Lifestyle | 5 Lovely Rosés to Try this Summer

I used to not be a rosé person.  I know, crazy.  In all honestly, I used to pretty much only drink red wine when drinking, even in summer, save the occasional beer or cocktail.  But one fateful day my friend Laura poured me a glass of her favorite wine, Minuty, and two years later, I’ll never understand my former non-rosé loving self.  In fact, I’ll even have a white if the right white and summer day happen to present themselves simultaneously!  So this blog post is dedicated to you, Laura!!  You’re welcome world, and I owe you Laura <3  (and for so much more than just introducing me to Minuty & P’tit Basque and getting me into rosés 😉

In honor of summer and all the glorious rooftop rosés (or just rosés in general) to be had, I though I’d share 5 lovely  rosés I’m loving along with a bit about them and why I like them.  If you haven’t tried them yet, they’re so worth buying a glass (and quite honestly a bottle) of and trying this summer!  I’m no sommelier, but hopefully this will help you find some great summer wines to add to your drinking list and you’ll enjoy what you decide to try!


Luxe & Buttery – Whispering Angel Rosé

So I’m starting off with the most luxe and expensive, and working my way down, not that the ones to come aren’t delicious!  Sometimes you want to invest in something refined & elegant, and Whispering Angel is just that.  It’s a very balanced, classic Côte de Provence rosé.  It’s smooth, buttery, and has a beautiful strawberries & cream character that’s just lovely!  It’s usually $26 in the PA/NY/Jersy area, which makes it the highest price of the rosés I’m sharing today.


Citrusy –  Miraval Rosé

So, I clearly have a type when it comes to rosés; I loooove a good Côte de Provence rosé.  I also love how despite being from the same region, there is still so much variance between different producers/vineyards.  Miraval is also a lovely, sophisticated rosé from that region, but I find it to be the driest of all I’m sharing.  It’s very citrusy, a tad tart, refreshing, and the perfect rosé for a hot day.  If you like very dry wines, this is a lovely one, especially paired with seafood or blue cheese!  It’s usually $23 in this area.


Elegant & Balanced w/o the $$ – Minuty Rosé

Last but certainly not least of the Côte de Provence rosés, Minuty.  This is a beautiful, well-balanced Côte de Provence rosé that’s priced a at almost half the price of two I just shared.  While it’s not quite as complex/full-bodied as the afore-mentioned, it’s still flavorful and delicious.  It’s elegant, crisp, and has stone fruit flavors.  I love to pair it with P’tit Basque and olives, but it’s pretty easy going and works with most mild to medium flavors.  A bottle usually goes for $14 here, which is a fantastic price for such a great wine, so it’s my go to when I want a delicious Côte de Provence rosé!


Floral Jolly Rancher – Notorious Pink Rosé

This Grenache rosé is just delightful!  It’s still on the drier side, but not as dry as the Côte de Provence rosés.  It’s incredibly flavorful and quite honestly reminds me of a watermelon jolly rancher, incredibly juicy, just much less sweet with beautiful floral, watermelon, & green apple notes.  It’s such a great rosé for picnics and guests, especially those new to rosés, as it’s easy to drink, slightlllly effervescent, and pairs well with almost anything.  Also the bottle is beautiful, so it’s perfect for bringing to picnics and parties or gifting!  It’s usually around $12 which I personally think is a fantastic price for such a great wine!


Spritzy & Juicy – Gazela Vinho Verde Rosé

This was a recommendation of a lovely bartender at our local Whole Foods and, one that more than impressed.  For $5.99 a bottle (full size), I don’t expect much out of a wine, but this one is just lovely while being the same price as fancy Starbucks latte.  It’s not as complex as a more expensive wine, but it’s flavorful & juicy (without being very sweet, I’d say a bit off-dry but nowhere near a moscato or white zin), easy to drink, and finishes clean.  I think what I love most is that it’s effervescent, since it’s a vino verde rosé; it makes it a refreshing option for outdoor drinking!  Again, its $6 a bottle, so you really can’t go wrong!


Also, since I personally feel stemware makes a huge difference in tased & experience when drinking wine, I’m linking a few wine glasses by my favorite stemware brand, Reidel:


Have you tried any of these?  Lmk your thoughts, especially if you haven’t and do give one or more a try!



Lifestyle | 5 Lovely Rosés to Try this Summer

Lifestyle | 5 Lovely Rosés to Try this Summer

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