Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2022

Keeping it short and sweet this year (hi major move in 12 days!!), and sharing just some of the best things I’ve found this last year that I think would make a fantastic gift!  Hope it’s helpful during your holiday shopping this year! xx


Self – Care

Untamed – This book is life changing.  It sums up the main thing I’ve been learning and working on in my healing journey: stopping my life-long pattern of abandoning myself and learning to radically love and choose myself.  Not only does Glennon share how to do it, she shares so many other helpful life stories and lessons from her own journey.

Lord Jones CBD Gummies – CBD is so helpful for anyone who struggles with anxiety or sleep!  When consumed, it helps calm the nervous system, taking the edge off of physical symptoms of anxiety or and helping you fall and stay asleep.  Lord Jones’ gummies are fantastic quality – they taste amazing and pack a punch in terms of efficacy.  A healthier than wine way to give the gift of relaxation!

Feelist CBD Body Cream – CBD can also help with physical tension and pain when applied topically!  This cream from the Feelist is just fantastic.  It not only smells amazing (a bit herbal yet exotic), but it packs a punch in terms of pain relief.  I love putting it on my back when it’s tense or achy, it always gives me at least an hour or two of relief!

Bodewell Human Candle – This candle is so soothing!  I love burning it when I want unwind at the end of the day.  It’s also a really beautiful addition to a desk or dresser!

MWH Subscription – Melissa Wood’s pilates and meditation videos are a part of my self-care almost every day; they’re so good!  She always has a few encouraging words to say, and along with the plenty of deep breathing and stretching she makes sure to include, they always bring me to a much more grounded and peaceful place, inside and out.  At $100 for a year long subscription, it’s a great gift that’s will last till the next holiday season!

Manifestation Journal – I’ve been using this journal since the summer and it’s amazing for getting and keeping your head in a good place!  It has a space to write out and process your feelings, list things you’re grateful for, set intentions for the day, track your self-care, and so much more!  A great mental health focused gift.

Yellow & Blue Herbal Tea – This tea is so soothing and delicious; it’s an elevated chamomile that helps you relax while making you feel like you’re spoiling yourself.  The perfect way to unwind at night!

Tension Attention Roller – A little aromatherapy in a bottle.  I love this essential oil blend, it’s so relaxing! And love how easy this is to keep on you for a little self-care moment during a busy day.   It makes such a great stocking stuffer or small token of love!



For Her

D.S. & Durga Grapefruit Generation – This perfume is one of my favorites (and Geoff’s) that I’ve worn!  It’s so sophisticated and balanced, with crisp notes of grapefruit, warm notes of tuberose, along with florals and musk. A great alternative to the many overly sweet fragrance options out there!

Rellery Jewelry – I have a few pieces from the brand and am so impressed with the quality and price!  They have so many pieces that are great for every day wear while still being artistic and elegant.  They’re also tarnish free and ethically made!  The brand also has really beautiful and well made travel cases if you’re looking for a more travel focused gift.

Captiv8 Travel Portfolio – Speaking of travel; these cases have become my favorite for storing and organizing my beauty products while traveling!  They keep everything in place, so nothing breaks and it’s easy to see and find everything!  There’s no stickiness left on your products, and they’re easy to clean!

LAGOS Diamond Ring – A splurge but a worthwhile one in my opinion!  LAGOS is one of my absolute favorite ‘real’ jewelry brands… if you’re looking for a little diamond action to gift, this ring is so elegant yet so simple, truly a work of art while being sleek enough to wear every day!

Mono B Activewear – This has become one of my favorite activewear brands as of late!  The pieces are such great quality and super comfortable!  Some of my favorites are this tee (it’s SO soft and drapes nicely) and this set (so aesthetic and super comfy)!  Such a great gift when you don’t know what to get because who doesn’t need cute athleisure!

Avre Life Sneakers – First, these sneakers are super cute and comfy.  Second, they’re made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean.  Win win.  I have this pair and this pair and love!

Ideal of Sweden Phone Case – These cases are so gorgeous!  I’ve been using for years.  I love how they’re magnetic, so they work great for an add on wallet case or car mount!




Roen Lip Gloss -This lip gloss has become one of my favorites over the last few months.  It’s the perfect natural pink color that’s flattering for all skin types!  It’s also minty, not sticky, and comes in such a pretty tube. They also have a glittery eyeshadow palette (75 warm) that is perfect for the holidays (although I use year round); the glitter isn’t over-the-top and it looks so gorgeous on!

Ilia Beauty – I’m loving quite a few products from this brand lately, but I have to say their contour powder and lip & cheek stick stand out as favorites, especially for being from a clean brand.  A light contour and blush make all the difference in your face, and Ilia’s leave your face looking so fresh and natural while highlighting your natural beauty!

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer – This is one of my favorite moisturizers!  It gives you the most beautiful luminous finish to your skin – it’s almost like a filter effect!  It absorbs well and smells amazing too.  The brand is cruelty free, clean, and sustainable to boot!

Deck of Scarlet Shadow Pot – This is like the perfect glitter eyeshdow in my book… it applies easily and beautifully, and is statement without being gaudy.  Such a fun gift for a makeup lover!  Their eyeliners are also amazing with ingredients to grow your lashes!

Omorovicza Silver Savoir – This face mask is one of my favorites for when my skin is not happy and breaking out!  It has colloidal silver, which is known for its anti-bacterial and restorative properties, and along with niacinamide and glycolic acid, packs a punch in unclogging pores and clearing up breakouts and brightening scars.  The brand’s moisturizer from this line is also fantastic!

BioEffect Under Eye Masks – These eye masks are fantastic!  They’re super effective at smoothing fine lines, plumping, & brightening, and the immediate results last for hours!  They also come with a little tube of #BIOEFFECT’s EGF eye serum to put under the patches when you wear them… their EGF products contain their own plant-based replica of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), a protein found in our skin naturally that is one of our skin’s most important proteins for repairing + rejuvenating itself, so they actually help improve your under eye area long-term, as well!

Obagi Lash Serum – If you want to give the gift of lashes, this serum is fantastic!  It’s one of the few that have really grown and kept my lashes long!  You notice a huge difference if you use it consistently for 5-6 weeks, and the tube lasts a long time!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – This lip mask is SO good!  It hydrates and smooths your lips noticeably, leaving them looking soft and supple!  The tub lasts forever, and they have so many great flavors!

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm – This lip butter is my favorite for great, natural lips on the go. It’s also super hydrating and has tinted options.  Oh, and it also smells so good!


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