Travel | Highlights from Paris

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I’ve finally had some time to go back through our wonderful trip to Paris, and wanted to share some of the best bits of it with you guys!  Today’s post is our highlights from Paris… the top things/places both Ross and I highly recommend!  There will be another post or two to come, but for now, enjoy!

Travel | Highlights from Paris

Travel | Highlights from ParisTravel | Highlights from Paris

1. Dinner at Café de la Paix

This was the second time Ross and I had the pleasure of dining at Café de la Paix, and we still left blown away by the excellence of literally everything.  The service, the food, the atmosphere, the wine… we couldn’t think of one complaint, which is saying a lot, as I can be quite observant and critical.

Our waiter was extremely knowledgable about wine pairings, recommending the perfect wine for each course, but he was also very friendly.  We enjoyed learning about food, wine, and French culture from him!  Our many courses were all delicious, but the highlights were the cheese board, French onion soup, and Napoleon dessert.  The Napoleon is a dessert that has been on the menu since the restaurant opened, and the recipe has not been changed in the slightest since.  It’s that good.  The wine was all very nice as well, but we were especially fond of the dessert wine, which was a mildly sweet golden white wine.  The French rarely drink sweet wines, so we were surprised to have this, but thoroughly enjoyed it with our desserts!

Travel | Highlights from Paris

2. Staying at Nations St. Germain

We had the pleasure of being hosted by the Hotel Nations St. Germain during the last leg of our stay, and were so touched by the hospitality.  The staff were all so kind and accommodating, attending to every request and going above and beyond to make us comfortable!  Once they learned that I try to avoid milk/lactose as it hurts my stomach, they purchased a whole container of soy milk for me to use for my coffees and cereal!  So sweet.  The manager is also incredibly kind and thoughtful, we were so glad to get to spend time chatting with him and hearing his recommendations of where to visit and shoot in Paris!

Some of our favorites from the stay were the delicious breakfast spread delivered to our room, boasting mini pastries, eggs, fruit, and coffee, as well as the beautiful, large, all-white bathroom in which we enjoyed relaxing baths and looking out the balcony on to the view of Paris.

The hotel is conveniently located in St. Germain, on Rive Driote.  It’s close to a vast array of shopping and dining, as well as only a 15 minute uber from the Eiffel Tower and a 15 minute walk from Notre Dame.  It’s also very affordably priced, on low seasons it’s around 110€ per night, yet it’s much nicer than the majority of hotels in its price range also in great locations.

Travel | Highlights from Paris

Travel | Highlights from Paris

Travel | Highlights from Paris

3. The Nobi Talai Show

While I had the pleasure of attending quite a few shows and presentations in Paris, there was one that stood out from the others I and I felt inspired by: the Nobi Talai show.  I actually hadn’t heard of the brand before this fashion week, and was blown away by how fresh and artful the collection was!

We all love Dior and Chanel, of course, but it’s really nice to see less iconic/known brands and the different styles that end up presented.  I left feeling so excited for next spring/summer and new fabrics & silhouettes to try  (it’s one huge problem of fashion month… you leave overly excited for the season that was presented, which is a good 9 months away ;).

4. Wine & Cheese at Le Quinze Vins

So if you’ve followed me for even a week or two, you probably know that wine & cheese is pretty much my favorite ever.  Like I could have it for dinner ever day and be perfectly happy. (But of course don’t, because sadly it’s not very healthy 😉 )  That said, I’m also pretty picky when it comes to both.  We stumbled on this little gem while headed home one evening and it was such a great find!  The wine and cheese were so, so good, the staff very friendly and helpful, and the ambience so lovely!  It was a cozy little heaven in the middle of Paris.

Travel | Highlights from Paris

5. Le Bonbon au Palais

So, I have a sweet tooth. And I hate it, because I don’t feel good when I eat sugar and I know it’s not healthy.  But my mom had her own chocolate business while I was growing up, so chocolate was basically its own food group in our house.  (I’m actually so sad she stopped, she made the BEST chocolate!  From barks with pretzels and such in them, to amazing peanut butter cups, to full blown turkey-sized cornucopias made out of solid chocolate with all kinds of chocolate goodies pouring out.)

Anywho, I love me some chocolate. We stumbled across this adorable little bonbon shop in St. Germain and not only was it so instagrammable, the candy was insane.  Like the most exquisite, authentic French bonbons that also looked like a work of art. We got a small bag with one of each of about 15 candies, and they disappeared much faster than planned.  But, no regrets, those were calories well-spent. Definitely a fun afternoon activity if you want to treat yourself!

Travel | Highlights from Paris

6. Coffee at Strada Café

So I actually don’t love the coffee scene in France.  Scandalous, I know.  I love my creamy coffee, and France seems to be happy with whole milk being the creamiest thing to put in your coffee.  I struggled. But, I did find a great soy latte at this cute little café, which also boasts delicious snacks and brunch on weekends. It was almost as satisfying as my normal coffee with half and half and hazelnut creamer, and the regular coffee is very good (according to Ross, who is a bit of a coffee fanatic).

Travel | Highlights from Paris

7. Vintage Shopping at Le Marais

The French are known for their style, which makes vintage shopping pretty amazing.  You can shop vintage at any price point, and score beautiful unique pieces at much less than you normally would.  La Marais boasts a huge array of vintage and thrift stores, so it’s a great place to go if you want to browse around and get a feel for what’s out there!  A lot of them are packed and small however, so be prepared to do some digging and to be close to others who are too.

Hippy Mart was my favorite store that we had a chance to go in.  I felt like there was a much larger assortment of great pieces to choose from, many were really unique and beautiful!  The store was organized well and roomier than most stores, and the prices very fair.  It’s also vegan, which was surprising considering how great the selection was! I snagged the leopard coat that so many of you loved there, as well as a beautiful gold seqin top that feels and looks way more expensive than the 45 euros I paid for it.

Travel | Highlights from Paris

Travel | Highlights from Paris

8. Chanel’s House

Saving the best for last here 😉  One of the events with Vogue and the CDFA I attended was hosted at Coco Chanel’s house.  I only wish I had known that before I was almost out of time before needing to head out!  We had been admiring the decor and architecture the entire time while viewing the designer’s collections, so it made complete sense when we finally found out.  We still managed to see her dressing room and the bathroom she did her makeup in briefly before leaving.  The decor in the house is gorgeous, as is the backyard many of her windows look out on.  Such a treat, and something I’d highly recommend doing if you can!

Hope you enjoyed learning some of our favorites from the trip, and that they help you if you’re planning a Paris trip soon!  If you have any recommendations, share below!



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  • Lisa Autumn
    November 18, 2018

    So glad you had a fab time babe!

    x Lisa |

    • bellebylaurelle
      November 27, 2018

      Thank you so much, Lisa!

      xx, Laurelle

  • Ashley Zabel
    February 18, 2019

    Paris is so beautiful

    • bellebylaurelle
      February 27, 2019

      Aw it really is!