Gifting Guide for the Holidays!

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Happy Thursday!  And Welcome to my Gift Guide!! I’ve pulled together some of my top picks for gift giving this season, and there’s something to be found for almost everyone!

I. The C O Z Y Lover

So I may have put this category first because I am obsessed with all things fluffy and cozy… I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t be though! So here goes…

Fuzzy Pillow – So R drug me out on Thanksgiving day (after only getting 2 hours of sleep that night, mind you) to do some Black Friday shopping at Target.  I was dead and slightly frustrated when I found out the only reason he wanted to go to Target was for discounted Pokemon cards… But then I found these amazingly soft and snuggly pillows, and they just made my day!  Actually, they made my month, and made the Target outing so worth it!  It may sound silly, but all I need to do is hug one of them to feel happy and like everything will be OK.  They’re that soft!

Fuzzy Blanket – Seriouly, I am really impressed with Target’s fuzzy offerings.  If I hadn’t just bought a fuzzy blanket from Primark, I would have gotten the one that matched my pillows when we were there on Black Friday.  The one I got is pretty great, but the Target pillows are just a bit softer.  I snuggle up every night with my fuzzy pillow and blanket, and am the happiest girl in the world!!  Maybe I should be embarrassed about that, but I’m not.  Life has been busy and stressful lately, and soft, fuzzy things never fail to make me feel better!

Cute Socks – Uggs (I can’t believe I’m saying this…) came out with the cutest socks this season!! I’ve never been an Uggs fan, but this season their socks and a few other cute items they came out with have made me reconsider my general thoughts of distaste when I hear their name.  Unfortunately, they sold out.  But I found some other cute options, and these are my favorite of them!

Cozy Candle – Candles are another thing that helps me relax and destress.  I burn at least one almost, if not every, day!  I have soooooo many that I love right now.  My favorites are an old pine scented Yankee candle and this lovely Voluspa one!  For some reason, I’m loving pine-y scents at the moment!  They make me feel cozy and at home!

Everyday Comfy Sweater – I picked this sweater up on sale a few months ago, and it’s been one of the few sweaters I wear on a weekly/biweekly basis.  It’s so comfy and cozy, and I love that it is oversized and has extra long sleeves!  It’s great for wearing out and about or at home, as it’s comfortable but still has a slouchy-chic look.  You really can’t go wrong with buying oversized sweaters for those on your gifting list- everyone needs sweaters for the cooler months, and anyone can rock the oversized sweater look!

II. The F A S H I O N Lover

Here are a few great pieces I’ve picked up or have been eyeing for the past few months that I believe would make great gift for any fashion lover!

Classic Black Heels – These heels. They were such a great buy!  They were on sale when I got them, but if we’re talking in terms of cost per wear, they were basically free. 😉  They may be your basic black heel, but they have such a classy and sophisticated silhouette!  And they’re incredibly comfortable for a heel; they’re just high enough without being too high!  They come in several colors, but I’m so glad I got them in black!  I can wear them with nearly everything in my closet.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong getting these for pretty much any woman on your Christmas gifting list!

Cowl Neck Sweater – Cowl neck sweaters are such a great closet staple for the cooler months!  They can even double as a scarf if you bundle them up right.  This one is especially great as it can be worn off-the-shoulder or as a cowl neck!  Two shirts in one, or more if you start getting creative with layering- gotta love getting more for your money!

Lace Up Pumps – If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting than a classic pump for a gift, these heels are great!  Lace up detailing on everything, especially sweaters, has been trending this fall, and I am in love with how Steve Madden took that inspiration and carried it over to the detailing on their heels.  They’re subtly edgy, fun, and stylish!

Distressed Denim – I’ve recently become a huge fan of distressed denim, aka ripped jeans.  I feel like they’re the epitome of edgy street style, and give any outfit an air of effortless, bold confidence.  I’m also a huge fan of black and wearing black, so these black distressed jeans are one of my favorite pairs of denim I own!  Next up on my list is a good pair of white distressed denim!  These are a great gift for any fashion lover in your life, because they never go out of style and are a fun and stylish addition to any wardrobe!

Chic Black Boots – Everyone needs a good pair (or three 😉 ) of black boots for winter!  While I love my black OTK boots, booties are so much easier to put on!  I wear these constantly, and while they’ve become my go-to everyday boots, I love that they have a little gold detailing to make them look anything but ordinary!  They’re currently on sale for around $60 too!

III. The B E A U T Y Lover

Beauty is becoming a bigger and bigger industry, and no wonder when you have so many wonderful products coming out that make you look and feel better! Here are some of my top picks!

YSL Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain – Beauty is probably the most affordable way to get something from a luxury brand, and while some of luxury brand products are no better than those from your average brand sold at Sephora, some are really worth the price!  I rarely wear anything on my lips, save Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment or Vaeline’s Cocoa Butter Lip Treatment (aka, I mainly wear chapstick), but really like this lip stain/gloss by YSL!  The gloss is not sticky, goes on very nicely, is long lasting, and comes in lovely colors.  It even moisturizes and smells good!

Naked Palettes –  These really are as great as people say they are.  The colors are lovely and the products goes on so smoothly.  Such a great gift for a beauty lover!

Debora Lipmann Nail Polish – I’ve become a huge fan of Debora Lipmann nail polish!  Her nail polish is enriched with biotin and other nourishing ingredients for your nails and it comes in so my lovely colors!  They make a great stocking stuffer!  I’ve linked my favorite color – Earth Angel.

Fresh Beauty Products –  Fresh Beauty’s skincare products are not cheap, I’ll admit.  But they really are amazing!  I’ve been lucky enough to get quite a few of their products for free, and dread the day I run out, because I’m hooked!  Their Lip Treatments are so moisturizing and long-lasting, and their Black Tea Perfecting Mask leaves your skin looking amazing after using it!  Plus, ALL of their products smell INCREDIBLE.  As uncreative as it sounds, the best adjective I can come up to describe the smell, and how my skin feels after using their products is… fresh.

IV. The L U X E Lover

For your loved one who enjoys the finer things in life!

Designer Card Case – A card case is a great way to begin investing in designer pieces without taking the plunge and spending around or over $1,000!  They’re small, but usually have the lovely logo in gold or silver hardware and are great for adding a bit of luxe to someone’s life!

Voluspa Candles – I’m not being sponsored by them, I promise!  I just really love their candles!  Not only are they beautiful (packaging isn’t everything, but it does make something extra special when it’s pretty!), but they are great quality and smell delicious!  This Crisp Champagne candle would be perfect for a friend or relative who appreciates and enjoys the finer things in life!

Richmond Finch Case – You knew these were going to be on this list.  I love Richmond & Finch cases!  I promise, I’m not being paid to say that!  I really like things that are pretty.  But I LOVE things that are pretty and functional!  These cases are the epitome of that!  They look so luxurious, yet are designed well and actually protect your phone!   While you may not realize it, your phone case is an an accessory, and thus a reflection of you!  So get a classy and gorgeous phone case for yourself and your loved ones!  (and use code bellebyluarelle20 for 20% off!)

Velvet Pumps – Velvet has been trending hard this fall, but it’s always a great idea for what to wear during the holidays! Plus, it’s such a warm fabric, it works great for the colder months.  These pumps are so luxe and gorgeous in person, but are understatedly so.  They’re not gaudy or flashy, they’re just beautiful!

Cashmere Scarf –  I don’t think it’s possible to have a luxe list without a bit of cashmere on it!  It’s one of the softest and most luxurious fabrics you could possibly get a scarf, sweater, or blanket in!  I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want  to receive cashmere, and that’s not just because I currently have a cashmere scarf on my wishlist!  😉

Designer Bag – Yes, I realize that most of you probably don’t have the budget to be gifting one of these, but I just had to include this beauty here, if not for any reason but adding a bit of gorgeousness to your day!  And because no luxe list would be complete without a designer bag!  I’ve been in love with the Marmont Matelasse Collection that Gucci came out with recently, and once you see it, you won’t wonder why!  Anyone want to get me one for Christmas??? 😉

V. The H O S T E S S / H O M E  D E C O R Lover

I’m so impressed with some of the lovely home decor coming out lately!  I’ve listed/linked some of the most lovely things I’ve found!

Pineapple Cutting/Serving Board – How cute is this board?!  You can’t go wrong with anything pineapple shaped, especially as a hostess, since the pineapple is the universal symbol for ‘welcome’.  But to make a cutting/serving board shaped as a pineapple out of wood, gold, and marble?  Well, that’s genius.  But what else would you expect from Anthropologie!?

Agate Bottle Opener – Talk about fancy!  This bottle opener is the pretties I’ve ever seen!  It’s a lovely blush color with a gold lining, and is made out of agate!

Gold Stemless Wine Glasses – Truth be told, I love almost all of American Atelier’s products.  They have such lovely and elegant designs in gold, copper, and other lovely metallics!  I bought the Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set while on sale a few months ago, and love it, even though I don’t drink whiskey!  I use the decanter for wine, and use the glasses for anything from water, to a cocktail, to juice!  They’re so pretty, I just love using them or seeing them sitting on the counter!  They’re a bit thicker than I thought they would be, but it makes them great for using on a regular basis!  Perfect for someone who loves aesthetics and functionality!

Gold Bowl – This bowl is so lovey and could be used in so many different ways!  It’s on my Christmas wishlist, and I hope to use it as a fruit bowl in our kitchen if I get it!

VI. The A C C E S S O R I E S Lover

I firmly believe accessories can make an outfit!  As can shoes!! I love accessories and I love wearing clothing basics.  I’m not sure which is a result of which, but it works out well, as accessories are great for dressing an outfit up or down and adding a bit of luxe.  All of these brands are ones I own pieces from, that I love enough to share here!

Audaviv Jewelry – Audaviv has such a unique and lovely assortment of pieces on their website! Plus, they are constantly updating their inventory to add new pieces!   If you have someone on your gifting list who loves minimalistic or understated accessories, their pieces would be a perfect match!  Their pieces have clean lines, lovely shapes, and dainty details.  While I love a statement necklace every so often, I much prefer wearing delicate, elegant jewelry on a day to day basis.  For a more detailed review and pictures of Audaviv’s pieces, be sure to check out this post!  (And use BELLEBYLAURELLE for 15% off)

Marble Jewelry Holders – What better gift for a jewelry lover, besides jewelry of course, than an elegant place to store all of their beloved jewelry!  These gorgeous marble and gold jewelry holders are so pretty and would make a great gift!  They’re even on my wishlist!

The Peach Box Jewelry -The Peach Box is another current favorite jewelry brand of mine!  They have such classy and sophisticated pieces.  My favorite are their bangles, especially their Roman Empress and Floating Crystals ones!  Check out this post for a more detailed review and pictures of some of their pieces! (And use code bellebylaurelle for 10% through January!)

Zac Zac Posen Bag – I am such a handbag lover!! I can’t explain it to you, but I just love beautiful bags!  I picked up this Zac Zac Posen one for around half it’s normal price and have been using it nonstop since!  The color is such a lovely taupe, it’s incredibly sturdy, and it can fit quite a bit in it without being too big!  While this one might be a bit more than you want to spend on a gift, this one is under a $100 and is a perfect little bag to gift to someone who also loves their accessories!

SquareGal Jewelry – I was torn on whether or not to include this under Luxe or Accessories, but Accessories won since I already had quite a few things under Luxe!  But while SquareGal does sell diamond rings and jewelry made of other precious stones, it’s an incredibly affordable way to spoil a loved one, as they don’t inflate their prices like many mainstream store and department stores do!  Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for a gorgeous and high quality gift!

Mango Bags – I can’t believe it took me so long to discover Mango!  They have so many great pieces of clothing, shoes,and accessories, and their prices are very affordable!  I’ve linked below some of my favorite bags from their site!

VII. The T R A V E L Lover

These gives would work for anyone who travels, whether or not they love it!  These are some lovely yet very practical gifts!

Passport Case – One thing I’ve loved having for traveling is this gorgeous passport case!  It protects your passport and makes it easy to find, and just looks so pretty!  It’s also a handy and safer way to store other cards or small documents you might need, as you can stick then into the little sleeves where the outer pages of the Passport go!  Plus you can get it personalized with up to three initials!

Luggage Tag – A practical and pretty gift, luggage tags like this one will add a bit of luxe to your suitcase while make finding you luggage so much easier!  I bought R a nice one from this company with his initials on it as a gift a while back, and it’s so lovely in person.  Now I’m wanting  one, haha.  It’s from the same company as the passport case, so you can even buy them as a matching set for the traveler in your life!

Organizing Tote –  This tote!  It’s an organizer’s dream!  It has a padded pocket for your laptop, a loop for your water bottle or coffee thermos, a zippered pocket, pen lots, and even more pockets!  I love having everything in it’s place, and this tote makes it easy to achieve that and keep it that way.  Staying organized and know where things are is extremely helpful, and almost necessary, when traveling.

Travel Cocktail Kit – If you have a friend who enjoys a good cocktail, this would be a fun little gift to give them!

Capture Your Style – If you haven’t heard of Aimee Song, she’s an incredible woman with a great sense of style.  She recently wrote this book with a wealth of tips and tricks on how to ‘capture your style’ and take amazing photos anywhere!  It’s a fun and incredibly informative read that’s filled with gorgeous photos!

XII. The M E N

Anyone else find the men in their life incredibly hard to buy for?  R thinks that all men want/need is socks and nuts.  Yet I’m pretty sure he would not be happy if that was all I got him for Christmas 😉  Here are some ideas of gifts I’ve found (and maybe even bought! 😉 ) for the men in my life!

Fun Ties  – You can’t go wrong with ties for men!  Most guys are not that into style, including R, but even he gets excited when he sees a fun tie!  J Crew Factory has so many amazing ties year round, but I especially love some of the ones they’ve come out for for Christmas!  Some of them you can only find in-store and most of them are selling out quickly, but I’ve linked some that are available online. The best part is, they’re under $20!

Mini Cologne Set –  These sets are such a great gift for the men in your life!  They’re less expensive than buying a bottle of cologne and come with a few scents so that there is bound to be something that the person you’re giving it to likes.  I’m so sad because the YSL set I wanted to link sold out, but I found another one that would also be a great gift!

Leather Jacket – Leather jackets are such a great closet staple for men and women alike!  They’re so versatile and stylish, you can’t go wrong with picking one up for any man in your life!

Jack Black Set–  This $15 set is such a great little stocking stuffer for men.  Everyone needs deodorant and body wash, and these are high quality options that smell great and are travel-sized!  This was another gift I gave R for his bday, and he has loved using it!

Fun Socks – Socks are not a substantive gift when paired only with a bag of nuts, but they are a fun little stocking stuffer or gift bag filler!  Once again, I’m loving J Crew’s sock selection!  I got R some cute Christmas puppy socks from J. Crew Factory for his birthday a few weeks ago, and he loves them!  As with the ties, most of them have sold out or can only be found in store, but there are a still a few left online, and they’re only $4!

And that wraps up my gifting guide!  I hope it’s helpful to you as you wrap up your shopping over the next week and a half!  Also, be sure to stay tuned on Instagram for the last of my giveaways, to win a fun gift for yourself or a loved one!  Currently I have two going on for a Richmond & Finch case and some lovely Tory Burch goodies!



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  • Bryanna
    December 15, 2016

    This is such an excellent gift guide!! I love how detailed, but at the same time specific you are. I’m obsessed with that passport holder! I’m seriously thinking about getting one… Plus the Zac Posen bag… I swear, I always comment on yours haha. Oh my goodness, Audaviv Jewelry is definitely a new find for me. Thanks so much for the introduction! I’ve been on this dainty jewelry binge and their pieces are so perfect! A possible gifting idea for some of my friends! Thanks so much!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

    • Audaviv
      December 19, 2016

      Bryanna! 🙂 Thanks for all the love!

  • Miki
    December 16, 2016

    Great gift guide. So many things I want to buy for home now. lol I love the accessories stands and bracelets. Thanks for sharing!


  • Lauren
    December 19, 2016

    Okay, I’m really loving your gift guide! It’s perfect how you broke it down by each persona and shared details about the products 🙂 I love the cozy and luxe sections, and will definitely have to add some to my list!


  • Chloe Quintana
    December 19, 2016

    Wow, Jordan! You know where all the goodies are! Love the ideas for the “cozy lover”! I think we’ve got the same fluffy pillows! I’ve been wanting a fuzzy blanket to go along with it! The Ugg socks are also to die for. They are the softest things I’ve EVER felt. I want them in glove form, in a jacket, and whatever other article of clothing they can make them in Lol

    So detailed and great suggestions 😊

  • Lex
    December 19, 2016

    I’m soooo obsessed with this gift guide!!! Love the ysl card holder the blush off shoulder jumper the phone case the candles! Just everything!!!!
    Great read Hun xxxx

  • Audaviv
    December 19, 2016

    What an amazing holiday guide! Thanks Jordan.

  • Stephanie
    December 19, 2016

    This was the most detailed gift guide I’ve come across this season and I absolutely loved it! It was so fun reading about every single product and why they would make a great gift. I can definitely see myself purchasing many of these products for friends and family. And your guy section was super practical too, which I loved! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

    Stephanie //

  • Sarah
    December 19, 2016

    These are awesome picks! So many good ideas.

    Sarah |

  • Linh Dao
    December 20, 2016

    Omg I love fluffy gifts! All these gifts are just so amazing! I seriously want them all!


  • Jessica C
    December 20, 2016

    My favorites Are the pineapple cutting board and the Richmond and finch phone cases!!! One of these days … definitely gonna have to get my hands on them not to mention they look super good in photos 😆

    Jessica || Cubicle Chic

  • Danielle
    December 20, 2016

    Wow!! What an incredible & detailed gift guide! Loving how you broke up each category. I want them all!!!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  • Rina
    December 20, 2016

    You are seriously killing it with your flatlays babe! So inspiring for me and you give me so many ideas when I browse through your photos! I’m thankfully almost finish with my Christmas shopping, just a few more stocking stuffers and I’ll be done!

    xoxo Rina

  • Grace Armani
    December 21, 2016

    Wow, Jordan! This is the most extensive and detailed gift list I’ve ever come across! I also love that you put all things cosy on the top of the list! Hehe 🙂

  • Laya
    December 22, 2016

    Soo many AMAZING gift ideas!! I love the “Cozy Lover”…I am all about all things cozy, fuzzy, and warm lol. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful gift ideas. I love them all!☺️

  • Thomas Falkenstedt
    December 24, 2016

    Darn, I must be really special as I fit into all twelve categories, haha. I really wish I could have it all, but I suppose Santa isn’t THAT generous. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas sweetie!

  • Morgan Klein
    December 26, 2016

    This is such a great gift guide. You put so much thought into it and I love it! The passport case, naked palettes, and fun socks are all things I need or would love to get for someone!

    • bellebylaurelle
      January 2, 2017

      Thank you so much Morgan! It was a big project but it was so fun to do, and well worth it if it was helpful to others! So glad you liked it!

  • ig
    February 22, 2017

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