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Wine Lovers Gift Guide

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1. Lovely decor and wine storage in one!

2. Elegant glasses for swirling and aerating.

3. To keep your wine the perfect temp.

4. Decanter + Aerater + Purifier… no sulfates mean you feel great the next day!

5. Most aesthetic bottle opener, and it lines up with the cork for easy opening.

6. Bottle stopper that’s just as much decorative as it is functional.

7. Because knowing about wine is always classy, and you end up liking what you order more.

8. The ultimate wine opener: doesn’t let air in so you can reseal and enjoy on your own timeline.  Great for those who drink expensive wines!

9. Keeps those white’s and rosés chilled on the counter and table when serving.

10. The most aesthetic and gorgeous bottle holder every!


And of course, a wine or a wine subscription is always a great way to go!!  Brooklyn Winery is a small New York winery that has quickly become a favorite of ours, I love how they not only have wine and subscriptions you can purchase, but tasting and blending kits as well!  Such a great gift of both incredible wine and an experience for someone  who loves wine!  And you’re shopping small!



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