Gift Guides | For the Luxe Lover

Gift Guides | For the Luxe Lover


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1. My first card case was a gift to myself to celebrate my first paid collaboration with my blog, and I still have, love, and use it to this day (and it’s still in great condition 3 years of regular use later…).  Card cases from designer brands are such a great way to treat yourself or your loved one to something luxe at a much more doable price point!

2. One of the classiest perfumes… I love how unique and sophisticated Diptique’s scents are, unlike most out there, they make a fantastic luxurious gift that will be constantly worn and on display!

3. This serum is, like the name of the line, liquid gold.  Packed with granactive retinol, it pumps, smooths, resurfaces, and brightens while not irritating.  A game-changer!

4.  A luxurious cbd serum for your face to help brighten, soothe and purify skin, with a gorgeous lip gloss!

5. For the luxe wine lover, they can now enjoy a glass or two of their expensive wine and save the rest for whenever!  This handy gadget has a needle that penetrates the cork to extract wine, but leaves the cork in tact so the wine stays preserved and like it was untouched!

6. One of the most beautiful Apple Watch bands on the market, this turns your watch into a piece of jewelry!  My watch has been acting up, but I wore daily for quite a while and loved how beautiful it looked on my arm!  It’s a stunning yet functional gift any Apple Watch used will love!  It also comes in a range of colors and price points!

7. Masks that will ensure at least their under eye bags are designer (and less noticeable) 😉

8. A face mask that leaves your skin as beautiful and radiant as it looks while rocking it (it’s a stunning pearl color that transforms into gold after application!)

9. Such a great price point for a luxury bag, and this style… I’m now rethinking adding this to my own wishlist!  It’s perfect for night’s out (safe ones of course) or running errands, and the black on black is literally as luxe and sophisticated as it gets!

10.  Ok, so I don’t actually own this diffuser but I’ve been drooling over it for years!  If you’re wanting to gift something luxe for an apartment or home, this is stunning, and Diptique’s 34 scent is stunning!

11. A small, black owned brand that understands luxury… this candle was a top purchase of mine in 2020!  It smells and looks beautiful, and is much more sustainable than many candles since the inserts are replaceable.

12. Luxurious hand butters from a clean, sustainable, black owned brand!

13. Because sleeping on silk is more than just luxurious, it’s actually amazing for your skin and hair!



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