Gift Guides | What I’m Wishing For

Gift Guides | What I'm Wishing For

Wanted to share what I’m wishing for in case you have a neutrals, aesthetic loving girl like me in your life you’re shopping for!  Here’s what’s on my wishlist!


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1. This ring is so neat; it’s a sleep + fitness tracker but wayyy smaller and more aesthetic than most of the ones I’ve seen!  It also helps you track your lifestyle to see what factors support you (or hinder you from) feeling your best!

2. G and I love playing games for fun, quality time and I love how aesthetic these are!

3. These boots!  Gorgeous and under $100!

4. I go through brand’s self-tanning mits wayyyy too fast.  This one is more durable and I love that it’s all black and comes with a mini one for your face!  It’s also under $6

5. I’ve heard amazing things about this brand’s tanning lotion, so eager to try for maintaining my tan in between applications!

6. I like my coffee hot when I drink it, but that lasts about 5 minutes… I end up constantly getting up to microwave it, which takes me out of my work flow.  This mug has a an app that allows you to set your coffee’s temp, and the mug keeps it at that temp for hours!

 7. You guys know I love learning about and drinking wine, and this little guy not only aerates, but removes sulfates for a much better wake-up the next day!

8. And also from Lux Unfiltered, tanning drops for the face I’ve been wanting to try!

9. Cute and under $15 sunnies that look like they’re from YSL!

10. My poor cheese knives (they were some kind of not great faux-marble) have been going one by one… these are metal, so they’ll last much longer.  I also love the lux gold color!



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