Gift Guides | The Gift of Self-Care

Gift Guides | The Gift of Self-Care


Self-Care, honestly, it’s still something I have to remind myself is so important!  In order to be able to show up for yourself, your loved ones, and your responsibilities, you have to make sure you’re filling your cup in all the ways: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically… it can take different shapes and forms depending on you and your needs, but getting in some R&R is almost always a big help when it comes to getting yourself feeling good and ready to tackle life again.  Below are some great ways to gift that to a loved one, they either will encourage them to take more time for themself or physically make them feel relaxed and refreshed!


Gift Guides | Ultimate Self-Care Gift Guide


J.R. Watkins Bath Elixer + Shower Mists

These have been such a game changer for my shower and bath time!  I love spritzing the mists in my shower; they leave the whole room smelling fantastic and me feeling recharged or relaxed,  depending which scent I go with,  I love spritzing the Awaken scent while showering after my morning workout; my weekdays are often packed and long, so I love how it completely elevates that bit of me-time and helps me reset and feel ready to tackle the rest of the day! Their Sleep bath elixir is a favorite for unwinding in the evenings, not only does it have a lovely soothing scent, it also bubbles.  Their Sugar Body Polishes are also a favorite for leaving my skin exfoliated and soft, yet not dried out!

Their products motivate me and are sure to motivate your loved one to spend more time in the shower or tub, which is actually  great way to practice self-care even beyond the me-time and aromatherapy… it’s scientifically proven that raising your body temperature combats stress & anxiety: raising it relaxes your muscles and raises your mood (heating the skin activates serotonin nuclei causing the body to regulate and cool down, which has an antidepressant effect).  So cool, right?  As if we needed more reasons to take longer showers or more bubble baths.  These gems are only $14.99, so you can buy both, and maybe even one for yourself, while not breaking the bank!


Mellissa Wood Health Subscription

I can’t say enough how much I love my MWH workouts!  There are all different difficulty levels, but even after the harder or longer ones, I still feel amazing.  All the stretching and deep breathing Melissa weaves into her classes work wonders for helping the body destress and relax.  She also does a great job gently reminding in her classes how showing up for yourself every day, even for only 10 minutes, makes such a huge difference.  Oh, and I’ve also developed a pretty toned body and strong core as icing on the cake…  Long lean lines, encouragement to take time for yourself everyday, and a quick way to release tension and feel amazing?  Literally an amazing gift to give someone.  Plus, it’s only $9.99 a month, so you can gift different numbers of months depending on your budget!


Lavender Candles

I love aromatherapy and how scents can alter our moods!  I’m constantly putting on perfumes & scented lotions, using face mists, having candles and diffusers going on all around the apartment.  Scent impacts my mood almost as much as music, and so I make a big effort to use it to help me relax, energize… whatever I’m needing in the moment.  I also love how gentle and soothing candlelight is in the evenings… a few candles can omit the need for bright, overhead lighting and create a relaxing environment to undwind in.  Lavender has such a soothing effect, it’s my favorite scent to light at night and such a great one to gift!   There’s a lot of great lavender candles out there, but linking some favorites here:


Bathtub Tray

And now tying into how spending time in your tub is scientifically proven to help with stress & anxiety… another gift to encourage logging more tub time!  I bought this a few weeks ago and wow.  I don’t know how I took baths without it before!  It has a spot for you candle, wine, book, phone, and probably 3-4 other random things should you need.  I love the black color I got, but it comes in a few colors and extends out to fit anyones bathroom and tub.  You can also use it for breakfast in bed!


Under Eye Masks

Masks are always great self-care gifts… they’re so therapeutic!  Also looking your best always plays a part in feeing your best.  It’s part of taking care of yourself!  I am linking a few favorites below… I love Wander Beauty’s because they’re so effective and pretty, and Patchology’s because they combine under-eye brightening and soothing with aromatherapy!



Face Mists

Face mists are a bit divisive to some, because they really don’t do that much for your skin if we’re honest…  however, I personally love them for other reasons, mainly ones that tie into taking care of myself.  A few spritzes can help me feel refreshed after a long afternoon, help me relax some when stressed, or even just cool me off when I’m hot!  They’re a great pick me up, especially during busy days, imo. I love Mario Badescu’s chamomile &  lavender because it’s so soothing and just $7 and Fitish’s CBD infused Tone Down because it has peppermint in it and is crazy refreshing.  Linking some great ones here:


Soft Hoodies

This hoodies is SO SOFT.  Is there anything better than slipping into super soft, comfy clothing?? It helps  you feel relaxed, soothed, and encourages unwinding.  Finding pieces that are quality, super soft, and affordable isn’t always easy, but this hoodie definitely checks all three.  It’s now under $30, comes in a few colors, and is such a great gift… we all need those comfy pieces in our closet we reach for over and over again!!



I did a whole blog post explaining the effects and benefits of CBD here, but in short, it really helps relax and reduce stress or anxiety by supporting your endocannabinoid system.  If you have a loved one going through a tough time or who struggles with anxiety, CBD products can be a really thoughtful and caring gift.  To struggle with anxiety is no joke, and what’s worse is it sometimes gets ignored, invalidated, or stigmatized… giving a gift that can help ease it is such a great way to show support imo!  It’s also so versatile in how you can use it… you can drink it, eat it, swallow it, vape it, bathe in it, lotion it on… the list is endless.  Concentrated tinctures tend to be most effective, but I also really love Sweet Reason’s sparkling waters and teas, and applying lotions to soothe my muscles when sore.  Linking some favorites here:


Scalp Massage Oil

I got my first scalp massage a few weeks ago and WOW.  You can totally do it on yourself too!  It’s super relaxing and a great way to unwind pre or mid shower.  This oil is great because it leaves your scalp and hair soothed and healthy!  My hair looked amazing after a scalp massage with it followed by FEKKAI’s CBD shampoo and condition.  The set also comes with a scalp massager so you don’t even need to use your hands!


 Thank you to J. R. Watkins for sponsoring this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.