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Making our home into a beautiful, peaceful, organized sanctuary is a constant goal for me.  I want to feel relaxed and happy when I’m home, and having things in their place, aesthetically pleasing decor, and beautiful smells floating about are essential to that!  I’m sharing some things that will make your space, beautiful, conformable, and enjoyable to be in!

Nest Holiday Candles

If you guys haven’t picked up that I’m candle obsessed, well, you must not have been following me long 😉  Nest scents are so lovely, and you can actually smell the candle when it’s burning.  It so irritates me when a candle can’t be smelled in a room larger than a closet, like what’s the point?!  These can fill large rooms and are quality at a great price point!  Their holiday scents are, in my opinion, some of the top 5 holiday scents out there, and the packaging is subtly yet beautifully festive as well!  Holiday is one of the scents I love, but Birchwood Pine is a close second!

Riedel Wine Glasses

You guys know that I enjoy having a glass or two of wine when I’m relaxing or celebrating; there are three things that make a huge difference on how enjoyable that glass of wine is.  The first?  The stemware.  You guys likely know this if you’ve followed me for a while, but I am SUCH a snob about my wine glasses.  I say that a little jokingly, but only a little.  The glass I’m drinking my wine out makes a huge impact on how much I enjoy (or don’t enjoy) my wine.  I’m not alone, seeing as there are companies like Riedel who have a specific glass shape and cut for every varietal!  The glass really makes a difference, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavors and nuances.  Riedel is my go-to for gorgeous stemware, as well as knowing what to use for which varietal.  Their glasses are made from thin glass (essential for a good wine experience, imo!), have a beautiful silhouette, and elevate your wine-drining experience!  My favorites are their syrah and champagne glasses, the shapes are gorgeous!

La Colombe Coffee

My husband and I have long been big fans of La Colombe.  A Philly born company, we fell in love after visiting their beautifully decorated cafes, especially the original location near Rittenhouse Square, but stayed fans and regular drinkers thanks to their delicious, flavorful coffee.  When in the cafe, I love getting their oat milk latte, which is so smooth and creamy.  At home though, we love getting their whole bean coffee and grinding it fresh every morning!  The coffee is rich and flavorful, yet still smooth and never burnt or acidic tasting (when made properly, of course).  You can also actually taste the notes that are described on the package, which I love!  They have so many great chocolatey and nutty roasts, they always hit the spot in the morning!  They recently sent their Northern Lights blend and it’s quickly become one of my favorite coffees!  It’s one of their holiday blends, but I’ll be drinking it all winter long! They have some great gifts, including a subscription service so you can get fresh coffee delivered on the regular!

Simple Human Products

I’ve had a few Simple Human products since the spring, and they’re favorites in our home to this day!  I’m such an organization geek, anything that makes things look neat and organized while helping me use space efficiently makes me so, so happy!.  Even when we have more space, I can still see us using and loving them!  The design is minimal and sleek, easily fitting into most styles of decor, and the design is so functional.  These would make a great gift for anyone, especially those who love being organized or improving their home!

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

 A soft, cozy blanket just can’t be beat.  It’s my favorite for nights when we want to curl up on the couch and work, relax, or hang out.  It’s so important it be soft and cozy though, otherwise it doesn’t really add to the experience.  When I discovered these blankets at Altr’d State, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.  They’re pretty, but more importantly, so, so soft.  These would make a great gift for anyone, they’re like giving a hug!!

The Wave – Wine Filter

The second thing that I love using when enjoy wine is this filter.  It’s amazing!!!  It removes sulfates and histamines, which are what causes headaches the next day, flushing, congestion, and pretty much every other side effect of enjoying some wine (Within reason of course!  If you drink too much, nothing will magically erase that completely 😉 ).  I’ve tested this for a few months on quite a few occasions, and the difference is amazing.  I notice a huge difference in how I feel the next morning when using this.  I can have 2-3 glasses and feel like I didn’t have anything to drink the next morning, when I usually feel a bit sluggish and tired.  Such a great gift for someone who loves wine!!

Wine Aerator/Decanter

And thing number three!  While the Wave does aerate wine, it’s still so nice to have something pretty to pour your wine into and store it in!  It is more than that though, the exposure to are allows the wine to breathe and often softens any harshness from the tannins.  I always enjoy a a glass of wine twice as much as the day it’s opened compared to after it’s been in our decanter a day.  If you don’t use the wave, this is definitely a must!

Cute Art/Frames

Having reminders all around me reminding me of what I believe, am aspiring to, or even just to be thankful for is important to me in our home!  It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the stresses and busyness of the day, and just seeing an encouraging verse or quote when I look up can be exactly what I needed to change my stressed perspective to one full of peace and gratefulness.  A lot of navigating life well is being mindful and choosing a good perspective, and sometimes a pretty reminder on the wall makes that much of a difference!!

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