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So I wasn’t originally Planning to make this gift guide, but I just couldn’t leave it out!  There are few things in life that beat ending a long day by slipping into super soft, snuggly PJs, lighting a soothing candle, and relaxing for a bit.  For me, it’s one of the few ways I can exercise a bit of self-care, and it definitely makes a difference!  I’m rounding up some of the softest pieces to snuggle up in, most relaxing products to help destress with, and all the other things you and your loved ones need to be at peak coziness levels when you want to be!

1. White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap 

This scarf/wrap was sent to me in a PR package from Mary Kay and it was hands down one of the best PR packages I’ve ever received!  I grabbed this scarf as we headed out the door to Chicago the next morning and fell head over heels for it during the trip.  It is SO soft, large enough to wrap yourself up in or double up for a thicker lap blanket.  It kept me so warm and cozy, it’s now my favorite scarf and I’m asking for it in more colors!  It’s the perfect way to gift a loved one coziness they can take anywhere!

2. Penfold’s Red Wine

I always have some sort of drink to relax within the evenings, and 90% of the time its tea or red wine.  You guys know I enjoy a good red wine, and after discovering Penfold’s this fall, I’m hooked!  Their wines are so elegant, flavorful, and smooth.  I love curling up with a glass of Penfold’s on a Friday night, lighting some candles, and watching a good show with Ross & Myko!  The perfect gift to help someone unwind while treating their palette.

3. Nest’s Cedar Leaf & Lavender Candle

You guys know I love Nest Candles.  Well, this is one of the reasons why.  I like most of their scents, but the holiday and lavender ones are mostly what have me coming back again and again.  This is such an elegant lavender scent!  Slightly woodsy, just a tinge of vanilla and just the perfect intensity to have you inhaling slow and deep whenever it’s burning.  The perfect gift for your loved one to de-stress and unwind with!

4. Tommy John Underwear

So hopefully this isn’t TMI, but I definitely consider comfy underwear a form of self-care.  What’s the point of dreamily soft loungewear/PJs if you’re distracted by uncomfortable or consistently wedgie-ing underwear?  You get me. Also, who says you can only be comfortable at home?  I recently got to try out several pieces from Tommy John and WOW.   Their underwear was the most impressive, as I don’t even feel like I’m wearing underwear when wearing these.  They’re THAT good.  They also happen to be non-pilling, anti-microbial, feather-light, and moisture wicking.  I also am loving their loungewear, the material these pants are made of feels like butter (insert drooling face).  If you’re comfortable enough to buy someone underwear, these are a great secret little luxury.

5. Make + Model Loungewear

I actually just discovered Make + Model a couple of weeks ago when I bought one of their hoodies 50% off on a whim.  It was one of the best whims I’ve ever had.  I was not prepared for how soft and luxurious this hoodie feels on my skin!  Also, the sale price was $25, SO good.  I would have paid full if I had known how soft and snuggly this hoodie is!!  I’m also kicking myself for not looking at what else was on sale from the brand.  These are definitely a must for any loved one (and for yourself 😉 ) who enjoys their loungewear, they’ll be on cloud nine wearing any of their pieces!

6. By Terry’s Baume de Rose

This is by far the most luxurious lip balm I’ve ever used!  It smells and feels amazing, lasts very long, softens lips, and is the loveliest pink color.  While it is pricey, you’ll easily get months and months, if not a year out of a $60 pot.  It also has healing and anti-aging benefits, such as a lipo-regenerating complex made from rose flower essential wax and pastel oil to boost cell renewal.  It feels so nice on, it’s the perfect addition to a nighttime pampering session in your jammies.

7. This Works Sleep Pillow Spray

While the name sounds a little cheeky, This Works has actually earned it!  They make great products that are quality and deliver.  I LOVE their sleep line, which is no surprise since it includes a lot of lavender.  This sleep spray is one of my favorite products from the line, as it helps me fall and stay asleep!  It helps restore natural sleeping patterns and makes sure you get a good night’s rest whenever you want or need it.  It smells amazing and works, what more could one want?

8. Summer Friday’s JetLag Mask

There is such hype about this mask and a lot of people love it for travel… It is worth the hype, but I actually prefer another mask for while in the air and this one for while cozied up at home.  This mask smells and feels amazing, as masks should!  Skincare time is often self-care time for a lot of women and is sometimes their only self-care time, so I truly believe it should always be a lovely experience.  But I also am always on the hunt for skincare that will provide the experience, but also results.  This mask fits the bill.  In addition to how nice it is to use, it also leaves skin soothed, plumped, hydrated, and smoothed.  I love using this when my skin is dry, irritated, or just ‘meh’ looking.  It always leaves it far better than it found it!  This is sure to spoil and pamper anyone on your list!


9. Bigelow SleepyTime Tea

As mentioned, tea is my other go-to cozy evening drink.  I love chamomile and mint teas, as both are caffeine-free and soothing, but I absolutely love Bigelow’s Sweet Dreams blend.  It combines both mint and chamomile and is so relaxing!  I sometimes add sugar and cream to make it even more delicious, but it’s lovely by itself or with just honey as well!


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  • Lisa Autumn
    December 12, 2018

    Oh these all look amazing babe!

    x Lisa |

    • bellebylaurelle
      December 15, 2018

      Aw thanks lovely!

  • Ashley Zabel
    February 12, 2019

    Bigelow Sleepytime Tea is the best!

    • bellebylaurelle
      February 27, 2019

      Oh, it’s my all time favorite!