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Special Luxe Gifts Christmas Gift Guide Belle by Laurelle Fashion Blog

If you’re on a budget, you should definitely take a peek at my Under $25, Under $75, and Under $150 Guides for some amazing gifts that are budget friendly!  This Gift Guide is for those with a special occasion or extra budget and wants something truly special and a bit extra to blow the recipient away.  These gifts have a high price tag but are ones I truly believe have earned that tag!


1. Designer Card Case

This is such a great gift that’s designer, but still very affordable!  Whether you need another small gift if you have a big budget, or you want to give something high-end but don’t have a big budget, these are perfect at around $250-$450.  I have the Gucci Marmont black card case and absolutely love it!  It’s over a year and a half old now, but still looks almost brand new.  Designer pieces are usually made really well with great materials, so the age beautifully and last long.  I also love that because a wallet is something most people use near daily, it’s a gift that will have your loved one thinking of you often!

2. Diptyque Gold Candle

There are few candles that I think are worth spending so much money on, and Diptyque is top of the list.  The fragrances are so elegant and sophisticated (which of course makes sense, the French do everything with elegance and sophistication). Their iconic scents like Baies and Tuberose never grow old, and their new holiday scents evoke nostalgia and holiday cheer. they burn beautifully and long hours, and the gorgeous glass containers can be repurposed after the candle is burned, making for gorgeous makeup brush and trinket holders.  If you really want to go big, go for this gorgeous, limited edition gaint-sized candle in their iconic Feu de Bois scent!  It’s big enough to be used as a gorgeous plant pot after and make such a beautiful statement piece of decoration!  Whatever candle you go with, it’s sure to make anyone with sophisticated taste smile!

3. Amore Pacific Time Response Line

The Amore Pacific line uses Green Tea as its star ingredient for all the products in the line resulting in antioxidant packed, powerful anti-aging properties and pollution protection.  I really love their Time Response Eye Reserve Crème and Skin Reserve Intensive Crème.  Both are incredibly luxurious and hydrating, and I always feel like my skin (especially eye area) looks bright and youthful the morning after using!  I’ve also seen those results compounded over time, especially in regards to under-eye brightness and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles! I love this set as it includes both as well as some other products from the line!  I actually like using anti-aging products on my hands, so I love that this set has an anti-aging lotion for hands!  It, along with any of the products from the Amore Pacific line make luxurious, higher-end beauty/skincare gifts!

4. LAGOS Smart Caviar

 I had the privilege to receive one of these a few weeks back, and wow.  What a stunning way to transform your Apple watch into an accessory!  The straps are beautifully made and would make such a beautiful gift for someone who has an Apple Watch, or along with an Apple Watch for someone who doesn’t have one!  Also linked a few other stunning LAGOS pieces:

5. Saint Laurent Opium YSL Pump

These were hands down one of my best buys ever.  They’re one of my designer pieces that I’m constantly getting stopped and complimented on when I wear!  I have them in the patent leather, black on black, and love them!  They’re SO stunning in person, they elevate any look, and still look new despite being nearly a year old.  I can’t see myself tiring of these or wearing them down anytime in the next 5 years, so they’re a gift that someone will have for years to come!  Sure to make any woman, especially a shoe lover, very, very happy!

6. Saint Laurent LouLou Black on Black

Can you sense a theme?  Clearly, I love Saint Laurent.  A lot.  But I decided to include so many pieces in my luxury gift guide because so many of their pieces are SO elegant, versatile, and timeless.  You’d be hard-pressed to struggle to style this bag or the opium pumps, and equally as hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like them.  The silhouettes are beautiful and you can’t get much classier than black on black.  This bag is actually on my wishlist (I’ve fallen hardddd for monochrome, especially black on black, lately!), and I think it would be the perfect luxury handbag for a special lady on your gifting list!

7. Mackage Adali Coat

A luxurious gift, but also an incredibly practical one!  This coat is so gorgeous on and so, so warm!  It’s one of the few coats that will actually keep me warm throughout a long winter day in New York City, but also is stylish enough to feel dressed well enough.  The craftsmanship and quality are amazing, and the feathers are ethically sourced, so you can have a clean conscience wearing it.  A great gift that will be loved all winter!


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