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June Favorites Roundup

Happy End Friday!  Personally, I’m a bit alarmed that the year is nearly half over, but it’s been 6 months of growing and learning, so I really can’t complain!  To celebrate a great month (it really was save last week, this whole fever/allergy/whatever has been wrong with me thing hasn’t been fun), I’m going back to doing favorites posts!  There are so many random things I end up loving that I want to share with you guys, and I find that favorites roundups are the best way to share them, so I’m bringing them back!!


Astrid & Miyu Earrings

As many of you saw a few weeks back, my ears got a makeover thanks to the lovely Astrid & Miyu team!  I not only got a new piercing, a forward helix, I also had a play-around and redesigned my little ear setup and love how it looks now!  Astrid & Miyu is a British jewelry brand with some of the prettiest delicate jewelry perfect for layering, stacking, and getting creative with!  I’m such a fan of their ear huggies and am now an ear cuff lover (such a great non-comital way to spruce up your ears and even test out if you’d truly like a new piercing).  I got this cuff, these simple huggies, and these black diamond huggies and adore them!  Definitely have a browse around their site if you’re new to the brand, or better yet, stop by one of their shops when in London for a stunning new piercing!


Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum

If I told you how often I get compliments on this perfume… it’s such a crowd pleaser, apparently!  I love wearing it during evenings when I have events, a date, anything I’m getting even a little dressed for.  It’s sensual, sophisticated, and has that French je ne sais quoi that stops people in their tracks when they catch a whiff of it.  Also, the bottle looks gorgeous on a bureau as decor!


Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Palette

This palette has become SUCH a favorite the past few months!  I can literally do almost all of my everyday makeup with it, which makes it especially loved on trips.  It has 2 gorgeous blushes, a highlighter, and bronzer, all of which are so pigmented, buttery smooth, and apply beautifully.  I of course can do my blush, bronzer, and highlighter with it, but I also do my contour and I find the colors to work perfectly for a subtle, summery eye.  You really only need to pack a few tubes with it for a trip, mascara, eyeliner, and a brow pencil if you use one!  An amazing time + space saver!


Urban Decay Brow Pencil/Pen

Speaking of brow pencils; this one is one of the best I’ve found to date!  I had my eyebrows microbladed, as a lot of you know, so I love the brow pens that apply similar to eyeliner pens, leaving thin, natural looking strokes.  But I also loooove a good brow pencil to shade in and define.  This one is the best of both worlds since is has both!  I also think it’s a pretty good price for the great quality Urban Decay always delivers plus the amount of product you get (compared to similar level/quality brands) at $26.


MDNA SKIN Rose Face Mist

Summer is definitely upon us and face mists are a gift from heaven for those hot, humid days!  Face mists can be used for all  sorts of things, such as prepping your skin post cleansing for the rest of your products, setting your skincare or makeup, cooling you off, and rehydrating & refreshing midday to bring a fresh, dewy glow back to your skin.  I love using them for all of the above, but especially a midday refresh.   Kinda like washing your face in the morning, I find a few spritzes wake me up, refresh me and my skin, and reset my day a bit.  I’ve been loving this one by MDNA SKIN because it smells like fresh roses, brightens & hydrates, and feels amazing!


Farmacy Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

As a girl who loves her waterproof makeup, especially eyeliner, I also love a truly good makeup remover.  The more products I’ve tried by Farmacy, the more I’ve loved them, and their Makeup Cleansing Balm is one of my favorites!  It does such a great job removing makeup, has the Clean at Sephora stamp, and leaves skin soft and hydrated.  It also has the loveliest herby scent that gives the start to your nighttime skincare routine a spa-like feel.


Saint Laurent Espadrilles

Ok, so you don’t need your espadrilles to be YSL, but it sure doesn’t hurt 😉  Espadrilles are so comfortable & cute, I think I’d go as far as to say they’re my favorite type of shoe for summer!  I live in these and my Chanel’s, spending full days in them, and they don’t get painful or uncomfortable, they look great with most of my summer wardrobe, and the quality is amazing, meaning they still look new.  Now, I really mean that you don’t need your espadrilles to be YSL, there are so many cute pairs that are much cheaper, just as cute, and will last at least all summer, possibly even a few summers.  But you definitely will get the mileage out of your YSLs if you go that route (I found them almost half off here)!  Sharing a roundup below of super cute espadrilles at all different price points for you guys:


Mini Tote Bag

While I bought this Saint Laurent Sac de Jour last spring, I’ve been loving it this summer, mostly because of how easy & no-fuss it is.  I’m such an organization freak in that I love everything having a place and being in that place, but lately I’ve been super minimal in what I keep in my handbag and this open top no compartment mini tote has been perfect for tossing my essentials in and running out the door!  I think we all love being a bit more low-key & simple with everything in summer from makeup to daily looks to food, and I think that’s why I’m loving it so much!  Again, no need to go all out on YSL unless you want to, but a mini tote like this is such a cute summer accessory!  Linking some favorites at all different price points here;


Rounding up everything below for easy shopping (save the earrings since I can’t link them through RS but they’re linked above).  Do you have or love any of these already?  Or will you be trying any?  Lmk or send along any questions in the comments below!!




June Favorites Roundup

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