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It seems like the first days of September have brought fall weather with them, at least here in the North East.  It’s been a pleasant change to have the weather cool enough to cozy up in a warm sweater!  Thanks to Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and some of my favorite style bloggers posting great fall inspo, I’ve done a good bit of shopping for my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.

If you’re unfamiliar with the idea of a capsule wardrobe; it’s basically a collection of foundational pieces that don’t go out of style quickly and can be elevated with seasonal or trendy pieces.  Pieces in a capsule wardrobe should have longevity due to being ones: you truly love, won’t go out of style soon, and are good enough quality to last a long time.  They can incorporate some trends, but should still be classic and versatile enough work with many of your other capsule wardrobe pieces.  Most often, they’re pieces that you’ll want to and probably should invest more money in, but in the they end will save you time, money, and stress.  They’re essentially good basics.  Building a wardrobe of and investing so much in basics might sound boring and even contrary to being ‘fashionable’, as when thinking about fashion, most people think of fun and trendy styles or bold statement pieces.  While trendy pieces can be great, most of the time they’re worn (or should be worn…) with an outfit in which everything else is a ‘basic’ piece.  This brings the attention to the trendy piece and makes it stand out.  Even without a trendy piece, good basics put together look anything but basic.  If most of your closet is made of ‘capsule wardrobe pieces’, you can easily look classy & sophisticated most, if not all of the time!

Creating a capsule wardrobe does take some planning and curating.  Ideally, you want to start off by going through your current wardrobe and getting rid of pieces that are and will be out of style, you don’t wear anymore, don’t fit well, or don’t work with much of what you have.  Then you want to think about what aesthetic you are going for/what your style is and assess where your weaknesses are and what pieces you need to fill the gaps.  Then make a list of those things and try to save your money for those items in the coming months. The idea of putting that much thought and work into your wardrobe may seem extreme, but it has already been so helpful for me!  I used to buy so many pieces because they were trendy, cute, or on clearance, without really considering if they were a good investment that worked well with my current wardrobe or fit my style.  Consequently, I often felt like I had nothing to wear, despite owning a closet full of clothes! (Has anyone else ever felt like that?? It’s super frustrating.  And I’m pretty sure every time I’ve said anything remotely similar to not having something to wear, R wondered if he married a crazy person 😉 ) It was bad though; I didn’t even own a basic white t-shirt!

Working on a capsule wardrobe has helped me be more organized and know what I have and what I need.  It’s inspired me to cultivate a shopping mentality that focuses on the longevity and versatility of a piece and values quality over quantity.  While my capsule wardrobe and shopping habits are still a work in progress, I’ve already been so happy with the results.  It’s not only made day to day dressing and packing for trips and such much easier, but even just working on on my autumn/winter capsule wardrobe list the past few weeks has inspired and encouraged me to resist spending money on unnecessary or trendy pieces, so I can save up for pieces I actually need and will get a lot of use out of.  The idea of a capsule wardrobe usually goes hand in hand with the FPFW (Five Piece French Wardrobe), which is where you are only allowed to buy basics and 5 trendy pieces per season.  I am considering challenging myself to that, and will post more about if I do!

So, finally onto some of what I’ve already picked up or am saving for to add to my capsule wardrobe!  Most of them are Fall/Winter pieces, but a few could be worn year round.  I was planning on doing this in one post, but it got so long I’ve decided to break it down into 3 sections; Clothing, Accessories, Footwear.  While everyone’s ‘perfect capsule wardrobe’ looks a little different, I hope this helps inspire you as you plan your wardrobe for the cooler months!

:: Neutral Chunky Sweaters ::20160816165945_75441 (1)

Of course these had to be on my list. Chunky sweaters are like comfort food, they give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside (and outside!) and just make your day a little bit better.  They also can easily be dressed up or down and keep you warm without needing dozens of layers.  I’ve linked a few that I’ve picked up and that I am looking at getting.  My favorite one I’ve picked up (sadly is out of stock, but I’ve linked a similar one!) has a cozy cowl neck that looks like a scarf and I’m loving wearing under my leather jacket.  Speaking of…

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

:: Black Leather Biker Jacket ::_12891954

I’ve wanted a good leather jacket for quite a while, and the one I recently picked up is definitely one of my favorite things in my autumn/winter wardrobe.  A leather jacket is one of the coolest ways to top off an outfit, and is a fairly versatile piece.  I’ve also think suede ones are gorgeous and look equally as great! I would definitely recommend sizing up a little if you’re looking to buy a leather or suede biker jacket, as it’s great to be able to wear it over sweaters as the weather gets cooler. I’ve linked the one I got and a few others at different price points!

One | Two | Three | Four

:: Black Jeans ::_12788810

Jeans in general are a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe, but I’ve been really loving black and ripped jeans lately.  I picked up a couple of NY&Co pairs recently (see this post for my thoughts on their new soho line), including a black ripped pair, and love them!  I also got a KUT from the Kloth pair from the NSale and love them equally as much!  I was really impressed with how great their petite fit is (especially the length!), and I liked how the black was a bit washed out and had more dimension.  I don’t know when or how my obsession with black came about, but I’m sure it partly has to do with being a musician, and partly with how everything always, always, always, looks better in black.  I know I’ll be living in  both pairs this autumn and winter!

One | Two | Three | Four

:: Neutral Solid Tees ::_11481187

Solid tees are another piece that might seem boring, but when you find a good one and style it well, it can look incredibly chic!  I picked up a couple plain, neutral ones and few that are still very basic and neutral, but have some interesting little details.  These will definitely be getting worn on repeat throughout the coming months, especially layered under sweaters and my biker jacket!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

:: Black or White Bell Sleeve Top ::_13086197

Bell sleeves are a trend that I thought was versatile and classy enough to be worth investing in this season! There are so many gorgeous dresses and tops with bell sleeves popping up everywhere, but I fell in love with a classic solid black one by Pleione (which is still in stock in a few colors).   It’s always good to have a few classic and versatile basics that are dressy.  From dinner dates, to concerts, to holiday festivities, I know I’ll have plenty of occasions to wear it and will appreciate having it!

One | Two | Three

:: Black Long Cardigan ::_9975681

This is a piece I actually purchased last autumn and it was definitely more than worth it.  It’s comfy, sleek, and looks great over tees and dresses alike!  It’s another piece I’ll be living in this fall and probably for a few more falls to come. While it’s no longer in stock, I’ve found a few comparable ones.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six


I’d love to hear your your thoughts on capsule wardrobes! Comment below if you’re interested in building one, or already are and what pieces you’re loving! 🙂



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