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Everyday Essentials | Spring 2019 Edit

Happy Monday!!  I hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend!  Here on the east coast we enjoyed balmy, sunny 70 weather and it was just glorious!

It’s been a while since I shared recent favorites!  I actually have quite a few things to share with you that I’ve been loving lately, but I thought I’d start off with some things that have become ‘everyday essentials’: things I find myself wearing or using every day, that I think you all will love as much as I do!



Bracha Necklaces

I recently picked these up at Nordstrom and love how beautiful they look, especially layered!  I adore my Barbela necklace that I’ve had on my neck since I got it in December, and these pair so beautifully with it since the chains are different textures.  I love the stacked/layered look and continue to add to my everyday jewelry in this way, it’s such a fun way to express yourself!  These are super affordable and the brand has so many pretty options!


Monica Vinader Pieces

So I’ve had my two Gold Signature Bangles on almost nonstop since I got them a year ago (I ADORE them!), but I also added two rings to my collection.  They’ve become everyday staples over the last few months!  I knew I’d love the Signature Gold Ring, as it’s from the collection my bracelets are and looks similar, but they sent me the Fiji Bar Adjustable Friendship Ring for Christmas, and I’ve fallen involve with the casual glam it adds!  Their jewelry also lends itself super well to layering!




Day – Tiffany Sheer

I was a huge fan of the original Tiffany fragrance when I got it a year and a half ago or so, but I love the sheer even more!  Both have a bit of fruit & flower and are very fresh, but the Sheer is a bit more mature and sophisticated than the original; I just can’t stop wearing it!  The freshness is so perfect for spring and it’s become my go-to day scent for these early spring days.


Atelier Cologne – Tobacco Nuit

This fragrance… I love it so much!  Tobacco is an unusual note in fragrances, but Atelier has incorporated it in such a tasteful, beautiful way in this fragrance.  Tobacco Nuit is sophisticated, sensual, and mysterious.  I love wearing this at night, especially if I’m going out for a date or events/parties.  I always get asked what I’m wearing because it’s such a unique scent.  I also love Atelier Colognes in general because their perfumes are some of the most natural perfumes you can find with incredibly high quality raw ingredients used to make them!




AM – La Mer Concentrate

If you caught my stories a few weeks back, you’ll have seen I attended an event with La Mer Skincare global skincare advisor Georgia Louise, where I picked up some products, including ‘The Concentrate’.  The Concentrate is one of their skincare heros, and for good reason!  I love how it leaves my skin hydrated and luminous in the morning, how refreshing it feels on my skin, and how lovely it smells.  It’s become a favorite in my morning skincare routine!


PM – Sunday Riley CEO Oil

This oil.  I’ve yet to try a Sunday Riley product I didn’t like, mostly because they’re so effective!  I can’t believe how amazing this product is at erasing my acne scars!  My skin is so much more bright & even the morning after each night I use it.  I’m reaching for it more and more, and loving the increasingly beautiful results!


Both – Peter Thomas Roth Amino Acid Exfoliating Peel Pads

Speaking of acne… these pads have single-handedly lessened my breakouts by at least 60%-70%.  Even at ‘that time of the month’, my skin is SO much better than it used to be!  I have days where I have no acne, whereas I used to have at least one or two zits somewhere on my face.  I can now focus more on the scars/dark spots than the actual acne problem.  The container recommends using a few times a week, but I use twice a day and have had great results.  The pads also do a wonderful job exfoliating and brightening!





This workout program is amazing!!  It works your whole body, especially those those ‘hard-to-reach’ areas (think love handles, side boob fat, lower back, under arms, tummy, inner thighs…), resulting in you looking more tight and toned all around.  The best part is how great it feels!  It’s definitely a workout, but it’s not super intense and there is so much stretching that I always feel so good during and after!  It’s helped me be more consistent with working out every day since I look forward it and how great I’ll feel.


And that’s a wrap for now!  I’d love to hear if you already love or try any of them, and what you think!!



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