Beauty | Winter Blue Makeup Look

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Beauty | Winter Blue Makeup Look


opposite action, a DBT skill where you do the opposite of what you feel, because you know it will serve you more than what you feel like doing. it’s not about denying negative emotions, it’s about challenging them.

flipping the script.

getting fresh air.

moving your body.


putting on a cute top & makeup.

calling a (true) friend/support.

facing and walking into something you’re afraid of.

practicing deep breathing & pilates.

listing things you’re grateful for (including a few about yourself).

writing down affirmations and positive possible outcomes of what you’re worried about.

it can look drastically different per person and situation, but it always comes back to what will truly support your healing and thriving.

i was having a rough day when i shot these, but instead of doing nothing and marinating in the negative thoughts & anxiety that were coming up (which felt easier), i did the opposite. i got up, got dressed, did some really fun (for me) makeup, and tried to get creative with my iPhone camera.

simple things.

they didn’t change what was making my day rough, but they did change how the rest of my day went.

they reminded me how much power i have over myself, my mind, and my path.

and most importantly reminded me, i can count on myself to show up for myself.

life isn’t always easy, we go through ups and downs, but having skills & tools to navigate them… it makes a world of a difference.  maybe not all the time or immediately, but ultimately.



the MVPs:

-Bare Minerals Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in Presence

-Lawless Forget the Filler Gloss

-Lawless Forget the Filler Liner in Honey Rose

-Dear Dahlia Paradise Dream Pro Liquid Eyeliner in Noir (literally my new fav liquid liner)

-Dear Dahlia Paradise Dream Volume & Long Lash Mascara

-Bare Minerals Gen Nude Good Tidings Palette, shades Glisten & Night Sky (on major sale!)

-Kohgendo Aqua Foundation in 143

-Wander Beauty Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer

-Lawless Lucid Skin Highlighter

-Bare Minerals Lasting Line Long Wear Eyeliner in Absolute Black (on inner rims/waterline)



more on opposite action:


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