Beauty | How I Style my Hair, Curls & Volume Ed.

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Beauty | How I Style My Hair, Curls & Volume Ed.

Happy hump friends!  I’ve gotten so many questions over the years on how I style my hair, so this is long overdue!  I’m excited to share how I create my ‘signature’ hair, which for me involves lots of curls and volume!  I shared a reel on Instagram so you can see how these steps look, but feel free to ask away here or there if you have any Qs!  All products mentioned are also linked.

Step 1:

I like to let my air hairdryer for 10-15 minutes, then I blast dry upside down for about 5-6 minutes, until hair is pretty much dry.  This step isn’t necessary, but it’s what gives me lots of volume, so don’t skip if you want all the volume!!  I’ve been using the Bio Ionic Graphene MX Dryer for a couple years now and it’s held up great and dries my hair a lot faster (and leaves it looking healthier)  than many of the drug store beauty ones I’d tried before.

Step 2:

I put a hydrating cream on my ends .  I’ve been using Phyto’s 7 Hydrating Day Cream for the last 7-8 months and love how a little goes a log way, it’s not sticky, but it adds a decent amount of moisture back in.  My hair is long, so the ends are prone to getting dried out and split ends.  Not only does this help keep my ends healthier & less dry, the extra moisture helps my hair take to how I’m styling it much faster and better!

Step 3:

I used to lightly dust my hair with a holding spray to help the styling last longer, FEKKAI’s being a favorite, but the last two times I’ve styled my hair I’ve tested spraying from hair from my ears down with IGK’s Good Behavior Smoothing Spray right before curling and am loving it!  It not only has heat protectant in it, helps smooth, and cut down styling time, I’ve also noticed my hair holds the curl noticeably better and longer after adding this to my routine!

Step 4:

The actual curling… I’ve been using Harry Josh’s curler for a few months now and really like it!  It doesn’t break my hair like some of the cheaper curlers I’ve used in the past used to and styles my quickly.  It also helps with shine.  I start at the top of a piece and smooth it once or twice (my hair is naturally curly), then clamp the bottom of the piece and curl up to the top, holding for 30 seconds or until I feel like it’s been enough time.  If the curl isn’t done enough, I’ll repeat once before moving to the next side.  After doing my whole head, left side then right, I tweak and polish any pieces that need to be smoothed, lifted, better curled, or redirected.

Step 5:

I finish off with a shine product.  I’ve used some oils I’ve loved in the past, but lately I’ve been reaching for Oribe’s Supershine Light Moisturing Cream.  I love their packaging and how their products smell!  This one also adds a bit extra hydration back into the ends.  I usually start with my ends and then use the little bit left on my hands to smooth the top (my hair is fine so I use as little product as possible up top/near my roots so it doesn’t get weighed down!)  Then I just ‘zhush’ until I like how my hair is sitting, sometimes adding a flip upside down for some extra drama if I’m feeling it!


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Beauty | How I Style My Hair, Curls & Volume Ed.

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