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You know you are a skincare junkie when you’ve got mask night combos, haha.  But in all seriousness, the perfect duo (or more if you’re as crazy as me) of peels/masks can deliver near med-spa level results and leave you with gorgeous, glowing skin the next morning.  Multi-maksing is also such a great way to spend some self-care time…. pop on a show, light a candle, get your lineup ready and you’re in for an hour that will leave you rejuvenated on the inside too!

If you’re into skincare, you know that products that deliver results are often irritating (which usually means they’re working, it’s a good thing contrary to what most people think!), which is one of the reasons why I started to combine soothing masks with intense masks or peels.  You get the results but end your masking time with something soothing and your skin feeling great!  Hope you guys enjoy, and please lmk if you try any of these and what your thoughts are if you do!

Happy Masking!


Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

When I first tried this mask, I was so torn between loving it for smelling like pumpkin pie but hating it because it stung a lot and left my skin pink for hours after.   After I saw the results the next morning, I knew I needed to try it a few more times, and I’m so glad I did.  At the time I didn’t realize that irritation isn’t always a bad thing, in some instances yes, but for most products involving acids like Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Retinoid Acid, your skin likely just needs time to adjust to it.  I now can use it a few times a week and get minimal stinging and no pinkness, just lots of resurfacing and glow.  It uses three types of exfoliation: chemical, enzymatic, and manual which is why it can be so irritating at first… that’s a lot of exfoliation, but it reveals bright, fresh, smooth skin that glows for the next day or two.  It also helps some with acne, I like to use it when my skin is being temperamental.


VENN Concentrated Revitalizing Lifting Mask

This mask is such a great mask in and of itself, as it’s packed with 15 of the worlds most powerful antioxidants & peptides and leaves skin sculpted, lifted & radiant.  You can leave it on overnight and wake up to firm, radiant, hydrated skin, or use before an event or photoshoot for a more firm, sculpted face.  (It’s not super thick or creamy, so it works just fine in place of a moisturizer/under makeup!)  I think it’s especially great paired with such a deeply exfoliating mask like the PTR Pumpkin mask though because it’s so soothing and hydrating, the perfect follow-up after something so intense!  It’s also a great match because it’s fragrance free, so you can enjoy the lingering scent of pumpkin without any other scents interfering.



Erno Laszlo Dual Phase Vitamin C-Peel

This is called a ‘peel’, but it sits on your face for a bit so we’re going to consider it a mask for this post 😉  This is newer to my skincare drawers, but I loved it after the first try!  It’s exfoliating, but also packed with vitamin C for a healthy dose of brightening and dark spot diminishing.  I love using it when my skin looks dull or the texture is not so smooth; it has lactic acid beads you massage in for 3 minutes and it has similar results to microdermabrasion.  It has a step two activating serum that you then apply on top and massage in, which activates the brightening and moisturizing active ingredients.  My skin looks super polished and my skin tone gorgeous & bright after using it!


Sisley Hydra-Flash Inensley Hydrating Mask

This mask is so luxurious!!!  I love using it solo, as a 10 minute or overnight mask, but also find it a great follow-up to exfoliating masks since it is so rich!  I’d say it’s even richer than the Venn mask; it’s incredibly hydrating.  It nourishes deeply as it’s packed with essential oils, and leaves skin soft and dewy.  The Peel doesn’t leave skin dried out, but I personally like to follow it up with a hydrating mask, and have been loving this one!  Especially because smells amazing, herbal & floral.  I find the scent for the peel very mild, and this compliments it while also shining on it’s own. (if you couldn’t tell already, smell is a big part of the masking experience for me!)



Milk + Honey Clay Masks

I’m brand new to the Milk + Honey bandwagon, but so far I am HERE for it!!  I became obsessed with them after falling in love with a sample of their lotion that somehow ended up in my handbag (seriously it’s amazing and is one of the best smelling things my nose has ever had the pleasure of enjoying …linking here for you to check it out!).  After I mentioned them in some stories, they so kindly sent over a full size of the lotion (I nearly cried tears of joy) along with some masks to try!  Their clay masks are fantastic!!  I tried both the pink and charcoal, and both do an amazing job of deep cleaning pores, especially the charcoal, it does it so well that it got rid of quite a few blackheads!  They don’t leave skin as dry as some clay masks do, especially the pink as it’s more nourishing, but I do like to follow both with something that will restore hydration and glow to my skin.  They also smell great!


EVE LOM Radiance Transforming Mask

This mask is such a gem!  It seriously does what its name says, transforms & leaves you radiant!  You can use it as a 30 minute mask, but I even sleep in it from time to time (although it is thick and sticky, so I have to wipe some off before heading to bed).  It has Alpha Hydroxy Acid in it which is a chemical exfoliant and why it does a great job eliminating dulness and boosting radiance, but you don’t feel even the slightest sting.  Likely because it’s paired with hemp seed oil, which while not as powerful as CBD, is still in the same plant family and has anti-inflammatory & soothing properties along with many other benefits.  It goes on very thick, but when you wash it off it doesn’t leave skin clogged or greasy, just supple, beautiful, and radiant!  It’s a little on the expensive side, but the results and amount of product you get (it’s a big tub and you don’t need a lot per use) are worth it to me!

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