Beauty | 5 Favorite Bronzing Face Products for a Gorgeous Summer Glow

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Happy Monday Lovelies!  It’s officially July and summer is in full swing.  But, as you guys know from all the sunscreen posts I did this spring, baking in the sun is literally the worst thing you can do for your skin.  While I’m sure I’ll enjoy a few beach days, I am mostly avoiding the sun or loading up or the sunscreen if I’m in it.  Since I’m not getting much of a tan from being outside, I wanted to share some of the products I’ve been using that have me looking like I just got back from a trip to the Caribbean!  I’ve had sooo many people asking if I went on a trip (it’s actually surprised me, almost anytime I see someone I know I get asked!), but my golden glow has been coming 100% from the products I’ll be sharing today and in the next two Monday’s posts!  First up, I’m sharing my favorite bronzing face products:

Beauty | Top 5 Favorite Products for Gorgeous Golden Skin

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi Serum

Guys, this is literal magic.  I still can’t believe how amazing it is!!!!  I think this might be my favorite makeup product ever… And that’s saying a lot.  It’s pricy at $91, but so, so worth it.  The gorgeous, natural glow it gives is stunning, as is the natural tan/bronze color.  You can wear it alone, on top of makeup, or my favorite, mixed in with your foundation, for a gorgeous golden, dewy glow.  It also lasts quite a long time.  I’m still using a bottle I purchased in January, and I use it almost daily, so that comes to less than $20 a month, as I’ve been using it for over 5 months!  It does come in other shades, but Sunny Flash is bronze-colored one I love, and it works for any skin color, from fair to dark!

Beauty | 6 Favorite Face Products for a Gorgeous Golden Glow

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Luminous Colour

This bronzer; I’m so in love with it! Not only is the packaging a beautiful black and cream Chanel branded compact, but it smells like roses!  It’s also exactly as the name describes, as it leaves your skin luminous, glowy, and healthy.  The color I’m currently using and loving is Medium Deep, and I love how it’s golden but not red or orange toned.  It’s the perfect tan color, and very natural looking.  It’s also not the least bit glittery…I couldn’t even call it shimmery as it has a matte-like finish.  But it’s still so luminous, there’s  just a brightness, an incredibly subtle, almost non-existent shimmer and light to it.  I love using this to add a bit of a natural bronze to my face, as well as to enhance my contour!

Beauty | 6 Favorite Face Products for a Gorgeous Golden Glow

Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer

This is another amazing liquid bronzer!  It’s kind of similar to the By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC serum, but it comes in so many more shades, acts a bit as a highlighter, and is about $30 less.  It’s also very pigmented, but the color is buildable and blends well.  I have it in shade 11, but I think I like shade 10 a little better.  Shade 11 has a bit of red to it, so it’s great for if you’re really tan or have pinkish undertones.  Shade 10 is more similar to the By Terry Sunny Flash Color, which works a bit better if you have olive/yellow undertones and your tan isn’t very dark.

Beauty | 6 Favorite Face Products for a Gorgeous Golden Glow

MAC Cosmetics Extra Dimension Skinfinish – Glow With It 

This bronzer is no joke, it’s a full on gorgeous, glamorous bronzer.  The glow is beautiful, a subtle but luminous shimmer .  The color is a beautiful coppery bronze.  The color is definitely buildable, but it is also very pigmented, so you don’t need to start with a lot.  I usually use this over the Chanel Healthy Glow if I want a bit more of a bronzed, glamorous look than what the Healthy Glow will give me, but it can be used on it’s own as well, especially if you already have a good base tan.

Beauty | 6 Favorite Face Products for a Gorgeous Golden Glow

St. Tropez Purity Facial Water

Last but not least is my favorite way to tan my face.  If you’re new to St. Tropez’s Purity products, they’re a natural, transfer-free way to self-tan.  The tan isn’t as strong as their normal and express lines, but it won’t get onto your clothing/sheets/etc., which is a huge perk!  I particularly like using this on my face, as it’s non-comedogenic and a very natural way to tan your face.  I more-often have the problem of my face being darker than my body, especially neck, and because I use the above-mentioned products on my face, I don’t want to use a self-tanner as aggressive as what I use on my body on my face.  This tanning water does the trick, giving a lovely, natural tan but in a subtle way.  It’s gradual and buildable, so if you’re using it daily, you can definitely get your face dark, but it won’t happen in one use, which I love!



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