Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe Part 3 :: Footwear

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And welcome to part 3 of the A/W Capsule Wardrobe series! We’re wrapping the series up with some gorgeous fall footwear!  If you missed parts 1 and 2, you can find clothing here and accessories here.  Like accessories, shoes also help take an outfit to the next level, which is one of the many reasons why I love them and think they’re so worth the investment!  Have fun browsing through and let me know in the comments what shoes are on your list for autumn/winter!

:: Black Ankle Boots ::

I’ve had a few types of boots on my list for fall, since many of mine are a few years old and on their last leg (I wear my shoes to deeeeath).  Most of them also come up to a few inches below my knee, so this year I decided to mix it up a bit!  I’ve been keen on ankle boots for a while, they can make an outfit look so chic and are practical & easy to put on.  I picked up these gorgeous Sam Edelman boots at the NSale back in July (I know, it’s crazy to think of buying boots then, but the sales were incredible!) and love them!  The front half is leather and the back half is suede.  They have a pristine minimalistic look, yet are anything but plain and boring!  I’ve linked them and two others that are similar:

:: Booties ::

Yes, I realize these are quite similar to ankle boots, but I wanted something a little more dressy, edgy, and less ‘practical’.  A fun shoe to wear on a night out, that would look great with dresses or skirts!  I picked up these Steve Madden ones when they were on sale a few weeks back, and love them!  They’re simple and versatile, yet have a cool slit to make them interesting (you can see how I styled them here).  I’ve linked them and a few other similar ones (that also have some great detailing!):

:: Black OTK Boots ::

This is the last of the boots, promise! OTK boots is a trend that started a few years back and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a while.  They add a hint of luxe to any outfit, especially in suede, and are very elongating on legs of any length!  Being on the shorter side, that’s something I definitely need and appreciate!  They’re a trend that is basic and versatile enough to be able to fit into a capsule wardrobe, especially if you choose a neutral color and classic or minimalistic design.  I haven’t settled on a pair quite yet, but here are some I’m looking at:

:: Neutral Pointy-Toe Pumps ::

There’s nothing like a good pair of pumps.  They elevate any outfit and make your legs look great!  One of my favorite recent trends has been the use of richer fabrics.  I love how suede has become such a staple fabric the past year or so, and am so excited that velvet has become such a big trend for the A/W season.  Both fabrics are so soft and luxurious, they make whatever they’re made into look that much better.  I recently picked up this pair of olive suede pumps, and adore them!  I am also looking to get a grey pair, and am considering getting them in velvet.  I know it may be trend that might not cary well into next year, but I might talk myself into it, considering I’d get a lot of use out of them this fall/winter  and they’re just so pretty! 😉 The grey Manolo Blanik ones are stunning, however, they’re quite pricey, so I’ve found and linked many others that are less expensive:

:: Black Flats ::

Since the only pair of plain black flats I had were several years old and very worn, I decided to invest in a new pair.  When found this Athena Alexander pair, I couldn’t believe how similar they looked to the original Chloe ones!  They’re almost exactly the same, but are about $450 less.  Plus, I love that they come in so many different materials and colors.  I’ve worn them several times the past month and am pretty happy with them!  I linked them and a few other good Chloé dupes!

:: Minimal White Sneakers ::

I actually picked up my pair of white lace-ups this spring (for under $15- go LOFT!), but fully intend on wearing them through the fall, and winter, when weather permits.  Just like I intend on wearing white all through fall and winter, but thats a post for another day. 😉  I linked some LOFT ones and a few other great ones below:



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