6 Ways to Achieve your Best Summer Hair Yet

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6 Ways to Achieve your Best Summer Hair Yet


Summer is right around the corner, and wether you’re rocking long beach waves or a high pony, I’ve got 6 ways to amp up your hair game for your best summer hair yet!


Get Highlights that Flatter

If there’s one thing that can make a huge difference in making you look ready for summer, it’s getting some well-done balayage (or ombré balayage in my case).  It lightens up your face and gives a sun-kissed look even if you’re anything but sun-kissed yet.   Plus, it’s low maintenance and grows out beautifully, so you can focus on having fun and spending time outdoors with friends instead of in a hair salon.  But what you need to make sure of is that your new locks match your skin tone and don’t wash you out.  If you’re in NYC, I highly recommend the Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon on the Upper East Side for a gorgeous and flattering color update!

My mom and I recently had the pleasure of going there for our own pre-summer color updates, and we both left with our favorite color jobs we’ve had to date.  I had the pleasure of having Sharon Dorram herself do my color, and I am still so in love with my gorgeous golden ombré balayage.  (I hopped back on the ombré train again since high-up ombré is trending now, and am so glad I did!  I think it’s a bit more subtle and grows out better than high-up ombré).  Sharon not only blended the balayage and ombré with my dark roots so smoothly, but she did an incredible job matching the tones to my skin tone, and it makes a world of difference!  I’ve had so many color jobs that left me washed out or pink looking; it’s seriously such a game changer to have someone who is skilled in determining your skin’s tones and what colors & glosses will work well with it.  Also a game changer is the gorgeous blowout that Jennifer Nast always gives me whenever I visit the salon!

As much as I loved my hair, I was even more in love with my mom’s cut & color.  It was her very first balayage ever, and she now can’t believe it took her so long (and so much convincing) to give it a go.  Her lovely stylist Machiko Yamamoto did a beautiful job, keeping it tonal and natural looking, while still adding light and life to my mom’s hair and face.  Machiko also did a fantastic job giving my mom a very sharp & sleek short cut that my mom can’t stop raving about and is perfect for the hot summer days ahead!


6 Ways to Achieve your Best Summer Hair Yet


Get Scalp Masking

Oh how the scalp is underestimated when it comes to having gorgeous locks.  I recently had the BEST hair mask/scalp treatment at the Hair Repair Bar by Giojé (which you can purchase here and do at home!) and it gave my scalp a good deep cleaning while leaving my hair shiny, healthy, and voluminous for days.  Oh, and grease-free, which is huge for me.  I usually start to feel like my hair is a bit greasy by the end of day 2 post washing, but after this mask, it wasn’t till day 4 that it got greasy!  A game changer, especially since sweating all summer means more grease.  Plus the minty feeling was so refreshing and relaxing, such a great edition to a self-care/spa night!  It’s amazing what taking care of your scalp can do for your hair!


Eliminate Frizz

If you live on the East Coast, frizz is mostly likely up there for you on your list of summer hair concerns.  The heat and humidity is no joke!  Redken came out with their Frizz Dismiss line a few months back and I’m in love.  Redken has been a favorite hair brand of mine for a while; their products always leave my hair so soft (I always get compliments/comments when I use it; it’s odd but cool haha) and this new line is fantastic!  I love the new Rebel Tame Leave-In Smoothing Cream and Heat Protectant from the line: I apply it after I get out of the shower and it helps detangle while keeping my ends smooth & frizz-free long after I’ve styled.  It also smells great!


6 Ways to Achieve your Best Summer Hair Yet


Amp up your Shine

Right next to frizz-free comes shine when it comes to things that make for gorgeous hair.  Finding products that add luster & shine without weight can be tough, but dry oils are one of the few products that seem to always ace it. A bit smoothed on the bottom half of your hair can make a world of difference and hide any split ends you might be sporting.  The nice thing about dry oils is that they can also be used all over your body as well, meaning less $$ and less bottles when packing for weekend getaways.  Linking some of my fav multi-functional dry oils:


Nourish from the Inside Out

It might seem like a no-brainer, but what you put inside your body shows, and not just on your tummy and thighs.  I recently (about 7-8 weeks ago) started to incorporate more collagen into my diet and I have noticed a difference in both my skin and hair.  I also just reintroduced biotin vitamins, but it’s only been a week or so, so I’ll let you know if I see a difference sometime around July for that.  But the difference I saw incorporating collagen made me realize I need to take my vitamin & supplement intake more seriously.  My skin has been plumper and more hydrated, cuts heal quicker, and my hair is growing in a bit thicker, shinier, and stronger than it used to.  I also find my appetite curbed when I drink something with collagen protein in it.  It’s a slow, somewhat subtle improvement, but I’m really excited to see what it does longterm!  I’ve been using Vital Proteins mostly, but you can also drink bone broth or check out these other options:


Tasetfully Accessorize

If you have an instagram, there’s a 99% chance you’ve been bombarded with photos featuring large pearl hair clips that remind you of kindergarten.  I actually don’t really like them much or think they’re flattering on anyone over 12, but I am obsessing over some beautiful bobby pins and clips that have beachy or celestial vibes.  A few of them are the perfect way to elevate a casual look and keep your hair out of your face during the warmer months while framing your face!  Sharing some favorites here:



6 Ways to Achieve your Best Summer Hair Yet

6 Ways to Achieve your Best Summer Hair Yet


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  • Quinn
    May 30, 2019

    You have such gorgeous hair, Laurelle! Isn’t it so difficult to find a great colorist? So glad that you and your mom had such a super experience! And yes, yes, yes to all things Redken. Eliminating frizz is key. Happy Thursday, love!

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    I looove your hair!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

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      June 2, 2019

      Aw thanks lovely!