Gift Guide | 6 Ideas for Father’s Day

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Gift Guide | 6 Ideas for Father's Day


Happy Wednesday!  Coming at you all today with what is hopefully a super helpful blog post for Father’s Day next weekend!  Dad’s are SO hard to buy for, but I chat with my brother, father, and husband for gift ideas around holidays I have to buy for them so that I can bring good ideas to you all and hopefully make your life a bit easier!

That said, I’ve rounded up a variety of different gifts so you have ideas for whatever your dad’s interests or hobbies are.  My dad (as I’m sure many dads will) fits quite a few of these categories, but I thought the categorizing might help when you’re reading through and thinking if it’s a fit for your dad!


The Sports-Loving Dad –  FanChest

This box; pure genius!  A box of sports gifts curated by die-hard sports fans themselves?  The perfect way to make sure your sports-loving dad, brother, or significant other gets a gift they will adore without having to stress or spend a crazy amount of time curating & putting it together yourself.  The box looks like a little locker, comes with several items, and is quite the steal compared to what you would pay for the items full price normally!  The products included are all licensed merchandise from top manufacturers; there’s also a golden ticket included in each box which is a chance to win even more! My dad is getting this for Father’s Day (shhhh), and I can’t wait till he opens it; I can see him using the thermos for work everyday!  They have a $10 off promo right now and have dozens of boxes under $100 for most NFL & NHL teams!


The Sophisticated Dad – Diptyque

It’s no surprise to see me mention Diptyque here normally, but in the context of a Father’s Day gift guide?  Probably not what you expected.  But Diptyque recently released a scent for men – Eau de Minthé – and it’s incredible.  It’s literally, not exaggerating, the best men’s cologne I’ve ever smelled.  It’s fresh and invigorating, smooth, sensual, and just the perfect concentration.  Your mom will be thanking you if your dad wears this because it’s SO good.  I’m definitely making Ross wear it from now on!  Also manly and wonderful is the John Galliano candle in the photo – it smells like old world Paris, but masculine.  I love burning it (especially paired with their Tuberose candle) and Ross loves the it as much as I do!


The Fun Dad – Tall Order Socks

These socks are so fun!!  They come in such a large range of sizes, since the founders of the brand are nearly 7 ft. tall and hated how it was hard for them to find sizes that fit, and they come in so many fun prints!  What I love even more is that they have a meaningful story behind their brand and give back accordingly.  The brothers who founded Tall Order lost their dad to the attacks on 9/11, so they donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization, Tuesday’s Children, which helps families going through similar tragic experiences.  I love when I can get gifts or things I need but know I’m also helping a good cause at the same time!


The Cool Dad – Blank NYC Denim

You guys know I love Blank NYC for both my own and Ross’s wardrobe; I also think they’re such a great gift for the cool, hip dad.  Their pieces are well made from quality materials, fit great, and give that effortless cool look because their colors and distressing are very tasteful… all while being comfortable.  Aka they’re everything you could want from a denim brand.  I think good denim, whether jeans or a  jacket, is such a great gift for a dad!  My dad wants to stay looking cool (at least a little), but knowing what looks cool is not his forte, so he always appreciates when I help him by shopping with him or giving him clothing!


The Modern Dad – Air Pods

I love how my dad is always trying to keep up with what’s new and grow.  He look ballroom dancing last year, ran a 10 mile race with me this year, and is always challenging himself to try new things and keep up with photography.  He recently invested in Apple Air Pods and is as obsessed with them as both Ross & I are.  They’re so convenient!! I love that they stop my podcasts when I take them out, can sense taps and such which you can program to increase volume or pause, and they charge SO fast.  15 minutes in the case gives you 3 hours or listening time or 2 hours of talking time.  No cords to fuss with, a case that  charges them and holds multiple charges, they’re just so easy, convenient, and will make your dad feel like he is tech savvy and keeping up with us techy young people! 😉


The Wellness Focused Dad – Skincare

I was so shocked when my dad first asked me for recommendations for skincare.  I still remember exactly where I was because I was so (happily) shocked, mostly because Ross wouldn’t let me even put lotion near his face for most of our marriage, haha!  My dad as gotten into wellness over the last 10-15 years, an after growing up on a beach, he realized that taking care of his skin is important too, and now has his own little skincare routine!  He loves it and loves how his skin as improved!  I’ve also finally warmed Ross up to the idea of skincare, and thanks to a few gender neutral skincare lines.

It’s tough for straight men to warm up to the idea of skincare because most men I know lump it in the same category as makeup and think of it as for girls.  But it’s really not good that most men don’t use a moisturizer or SPF, which are probably the two most important things to use if you want good skin long-term and protection from skin cancer.

I love RéVive Skincare & Clarks Botanicals and have Ross use both as the quality is fantastic, but the packaging is very gender neutral and professional looking.  The fact that the don’t look girly is probably the biggest reason for why he opened up to it, but I’m happy knowing they’re making a difference and protecting his skin!  If you have a dad who wants to take care of his skin, I highly recommend both brands!  A face wash, PM retinol serum, & moisturizer with SPF are great starters for a simple 3-step routine if your father is new to skincare!



This post is sponsored in part by Fan Chest, but as always, all opinions are always 100% honest + my own!  

Gift Guide | 6 Ideas for Father's Day

Fan Chest items (minus one) from their Fan Chest!

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