Sustainability | 5 Conscious Brands I’m Loving

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Sustainability | 5 Conscious Brands I'm Loving

Happy Tuesday!!  I hope you guys are having a fantastic week! I’m really excited for today’s post as I absolutely love when I can support and share brands that are trying to be socially responsible with ethical sourcing, sustainable production, and/or financially supporting good causes.  Being more conscious & thoughtful about what I consume, wear, and promote is something that’s been on my heart this year and I’ve been trying to choose brands and make changes in all areas of my life that support that.  I’m not 100% anything, and honestly don’t know how doable it is to be especially with us moving to NYC soon, but I’m doing my best to live and spend more consciously!

In light of that, today I wanted to share a few brands whose products I truly love, but love even more because of what they’re doing to give back and/or reduce their footprint!!  This is by no means a comprehensive list; I have more to share for sure, but this is a start to a series I’m excited for!  Happy (conscious) shopping…





n:Philantropy is one of my favorite tee-shirt brands!  They have the cutest tees, sometimes with cute sayings like my CIAO one.  I love them because not only do their tees have great distressing details, they’re great quality and one of the few brands that makes white tees that AREN’T SEE-THROUGH.  I get sooooo annoyed at how sheer white tees are because I love white tees with denim, so I really really appreciate that they make their tees thick enough!  I have some new pieces coming in from them soon so I’m looking forward to getting to better know their other offerings!  It looks like they have some super cute joggers, hoodies and t-shirt dresses!

How they’re concious:  They donate 10% of all proceeds (thats a lot!) to pediatric cancer research and animal cruelty prevention!


Josie Maran

Josie Maran is a brand I actually discovered right when they launched, thanks to being Sephora obsessed since I was in my early teens.  I’ve loved a few products over the years, including their whipped argan oil body butter, their moonstone drops, of course their pure organ oil.  Most recently their Skin Dope, which has CBD & Argan Oil, has a loved spot at the end of my skincare routine several nights a week.  I love how the brand is organic, clean, and dedicated to effective yet simple and good for you products!

How they’re conscious:  I’ve been impressed with with their efforts to not only source ethically and support women around the globe, but to have sustainable sourcing and packaging.  They recently partnered with TerraCycle to make all of their packaging nationally recyclable!


H&M Concoius

H&M has long been a favorite fast-fashion brand of mine.  The prices are usually great, they offer discounts often, and the brand has an effortless, European vibe that I resonate with.  While I love looking luxe & fashionable, I’m married to a student (altho praise he will have a job soon!!) and on a budget.  I love how I can find pieces that look way more expensive than they are at H&M to style with some of my higher end accessories and not spend a ton, but fast fashion is typically the opposite of sustainable, and that’s something I’ve felt increasingly bad about.  That’s why I’ve been over the moon at the efforts they’ve made to change fast fashion and how wasteful it can be!   They still have a ways to go, but they have come a long way.

How they’re conscious:  H&M promotes and converses about sustainability probably more than any other fast-fashion brand.  They’re now on their 8th line of their conscious collection, which is made using sustainable and recycled materials.  They also go to great lengths to promote it, by hiring bloggers and creating glossy ad campaigns for it.  They also encourage garment recycling and have a voucher program offering discounts to those who donate their old clothes at their stores!


Charlotte Tilbury

You guys know I’ve been loving some of the recent lip and glow products from Charlotte!  The colors, formulations, and packaging are all so, so well done.  They look great on and are fun to use!  I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte in person and was blown away by her warm, effervescent personality but also her heart for women.  She truly wants to help women feel confident and beautiful with her makeup.

How they’re conscious:  Charlotte recently announced a collaboration with Women for Women International (an organization she has long supported and been the Global Ambassador of since 2016) to empower women and change lives with a £1 million pledge of Hot Lips sales to the incredible charity and their work helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives.  The charity, thanks to the pledge, is now able to launch their year-long program which will teach women to earn and save money, improve their family’s health and make their voices heard at home and in their communities!



Levi’s is such an iconic brand, you probably already know them well.  They make amazing denim, including some of my favorite jean shorts! Their pieces are classic, quality, and get better with age.  What you might not have know is that they’re very socially conscious!

How they’re conscious:  Their values page shares quite a few programs (I was surprised how many) they’ve started to give back and reduce their footprint, including building skate parks in areas of need, responsibly sourcing their down feathers, and most recently their Waterless initiative, which has drastically (by over 96%) reduced the water they use to make the denim the produce using this method.


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Sustainability | 5 Conscious Brands I'm Loving

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