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Happy Earth Day everyone!   You all know I love to travel and see the beauty & wonder this majestic planet has to offer, as I’m sure many of you do as well!  The more of it I’ve gotten see, the more I’ve appreciated it and felt responsible to do what I can on my part to care of it.  It’s a gift from God and I believe we’re called to be good stewards of it!

 To celebrate Earth Day, I rounded up some simple changes (some simpler than others, but most doable) you can make that help reduce waste and the wear & tear on our planet.  Several of them are things I’m trying to do and will try to post more on as able!  I’m a firm believer that every small step counts & helps, no matter what your goal, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do any of these or only do a few.  Instead, maybe pick one or two that seem doable for now, and see what you can do from there!  Hope you find this helpful 🙂



  1. Buy Less and Use What You Own
  2. Donate Unwanted Clothes/Accessories/Tech
  3. Buy from Sustainable/Ethical Brands
  4. Buy Second Hand
  5. Take Care of What You Own so it Lasts Longer
  6. Invest in Quality over Quantity
  7. Eat Less (or No) Meat (the Meat Industry is HORRIBLE for the environment!)
  8. Eat More Plants/Go as Plantbased as Possible
  9. Bring Your Own Grocery Bags
  10. Use and Carry a Metal or Glass Water Bottle with You
  11. Recycle
  12. Use Cloth Napkins and Rags over Paper Towels and Napkins
  13. Bring Your Own Coffee Thermos
  14. Avoid Plastic Straws
  15.  Consider Buying Metal Straws for Home or Keeping on You
  16. Walk or Cycle When an Option
  17. Turn the Lights Off when Leaving a Room
  18. Opt for Paperless Bank/Credit Card Statements
  19. Screenshot Things Instead of Printing
  20. Use LED Light Bulbs
  21. Open the Blinds vs. Turning on Lights
  22. Hand Wash or Spot Clean Clothes when Possible
  23. Wear Another Layer Instead of Upping or Turning on the Heat
  24. Adopt a Rescue vs. Supporting Breeders
  25. Cook More
  26. Read Books/Articles on Kindle/Online vs. Purchasing Print
  27. Keep a Set of Silverware at Your Office to avoid using Plastic
  28. Save Gift Bags/Boxes and Reuse
  29.  Make your Own Coffee vs. Buying Out
  30. Buy People Experiences over Things
  31. Opt for Paper over Plastic
  32. Opt for Energy Efficient Appliances
  33. Open the Windows instead of Turning on the AC
  34. Eat and Buy Locally Grown Food
  35. Eat Seasonal Food
  36. Avoid Single-Use Items
  37. Grow Your Own Herbs/Vegetables
  38. Invest in a Filtration System and Drink Tap Water
  39. Use your Car Only When Necessary
  40. Opt to Purchase Fair Trade Items
  41. Use an Electric Tea Kettle vs. Stovetop to Heat Water
  42. Use Cold Water when Washing Dishes/Clothes
  43. Bake/Cook Multiple Things in the Oven at Once
  44. Take Shorter Showers
  45. Have Your Laptop Set to go into Energy Saving Mode Quickly
  46. Use Your Towels a Few Times Before Washing (at Home or Hotels)
  47. Say No to Styrofoam
  48. Opt to Borrow Items for Special Events/One Off Needs
  49. Unplug or Turn Off Electronics at the Source (as They Can Still Use Energy Otherwise)
  50. Choose Environmentally Friendly Options when Making Big Purchases

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  • Lisa Autumn
    April 23, 2019

    Ahhh I love you for this post babe! So important!

    x Lisa |

    • bellebylaurelle
      April 25, 2019

      Aw thank you! I so agree; all we can do is our best at our part! <3