• Gucci & A Favorite Summer Look

    Happy Saturday guys!  I’m finishing this post in a cute little brewery down the shore, with twinkle lights above me and the Beatles playing in the background.  Ross and I decided to stay a few nights for a little mini vacation before the school year starts up for him, and the fresh ocean air and slower pace is just… …view post

    Gucci & A Favorite Summer Look
  • 10 Things I Can’t Travel Without

    Happy Friday!  And thank goodness it is!  If you’ve followed along on Insta, you know it’s been a hectic and rough week/few weeks for me and my family.  I’m so excited for August though, and the new chapter that the fall will open.  I’m especially excited about the mini vacation R & I are taking… …view post

    10 Things I Can’t Travel Without
  • Late Summer Comfy Chic

    Happy Tuesday, and August 1st!  Every summer I say this, but I can’t believe how quickly summer passed!  It seemed to go by in a blur, but it’s no wonder with how much traveling we did for weddings and family happenings!  With the end of summer drawing near, I wanted to share with you guys… …view post

    Late Summer Comfy Chic